Basketball Holiday Blowout

Red Panda Acrobat
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Well, I guess Shaq's Milwaukee Holiday Par-Tay must've been too much for the Miami Heat, because after a slow start, the Bucks just trounced all over them. They ended up winning the game by some 30 points, easily ensuring the fans with Royales avec du fromage.

Another classily stylin' anthem from Jerry Stephani. What a great crooner, he just walks out casually, in his leather sportscoat looking like (as Mark Leyner once put it) an off-duty cop. No unnecessary flourishes, a nice little show of vibrato, and passion and feeling all around. That sort of set the tone for the night. Too bad it was preceeded by that awful opening montage. I've discussed my displeasure with this before. They're experimenting with that silly countdown, but the opening part still doesn't work. Its too long, for one thing. Sheesh, it was 7:15 before the opening tip off got going.

There's really not more to say about a game that turns into a blowout like this, so I'll just gush about the halftime entertainmet, the Red Panda Acrobat. I've seen her before at NBA games, and similar acts when I've gotten to see the Golden Dragon or Peking Acrobats. She does one thing, but she does it well: she's on a unicycle, which she keeps going, and she puts a soup/salad dish on her other foot/leg, and then she flips it on the top of her head. The she puts two and flips them. And then three. By the time she's done, she's up to something like 10. She's in the Guinness Book of World Records for this.

But yeah, that's what she does. That's probably all she does. I doubt that she can sew, or make a decent cup of coffee. Probably can't even draw a decent circle. I mean, if you're going to do something like this, it probably takes years and years of zen-like practice to get down, and you just don't have time to watch Boston Legal or anything like that. She's an object lesson in specialization. I'm more of a renaissance woman myself, but I can appreciate a master of a trade anyday.


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