TAG: Five Things You Didn't Know

OK, I've been tagged again, this time by Cynthia over at The Sandwich Life, to name five things about me that you didn't know. Like Cynthia, I had a hard time with this because between this blog and my weightloss blog, I pretty much spill everything. But here goes:

  1. In my wild summer after college when I still lived in Champaign Urbana, I used to go out skinny dipping at midnight with a bunch of my friends. We would find an apartment complex with a swimming pool, scale the fence, somehow get the case of beer over the fence, tear off our summer clothes and jump in. One of us would always be the spotter to see if any lights would go on the apartment complex, which meant that police would soon follow. One time the spotter didn't pay close enough attention, we didn't get out in time, and while putting our clothes back on, we would have to give our (fake) names and addresses to the cops, who didn't haul us in, because, well its not like anybody was upset that a bunch of naked coeds were frolicking about, they were just responding to a call. But this is why Desiree Rulalenska of 1060 West Addison, has a criminal record in Champaign County, IL.

  2. I was sports editor of my high school newspaper.

  3. You know those green signs on the highway that tell you how far it is to the next few big cities? Well, on I-57 going south from Chicago to Champaign, the cities would be Kankakee, Champaign, Springfield, Cairo, (that's pronounced KAY-row, BTW), Memphis. As you got closer to each, the city would drop off, but Memphis would still remain. Well, one time I went on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Memphis, for the sole purpose of seeing what the sign said once you got to Memphis. (Answer: Atlanta.)

  4. My first album that I bought with my own money was The Partridge Family's Up To Date. It went well with the copy of Led Zeppelin III and Sgt. Pepper that I stole from my big brother, which I like to claim were my first albums. Well, darn it, they were. I just didn't pay for them.

  5. I'm approximately 8 credit hours in Spanish away from a bachelor's degree in English. Ironic, eh?

OK, The L, Tag, you're it!


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