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A Winter Hodgepodge of Wisconsin Goodness

So Brian says to me, "Hey, there's a act I'd really like to see Saturday night... it's this guy they play on WMSE at night when I get home and its at this bar in St Francis I've never heard of and he's kind of a 90s alternative rock guy but honestly he sounds more like Frank Black/Black Francis type stuff with the Catholics...."

Hon, you had me at "sounds more like Frank Black." Pixies fan that I am, I honestly prefer Black Francis' solo stuff. So Brian made the ultra-rare trip to go see a band he's never heard of at a bar he's never been to, and I of course tagged along.

What a treat Brett Newski turned out to be. He calls himself a dork, (and his music "Dork rock") and it seems less an insult thrust upon him either by asshole frat boys jealous of his considerable subtle charisma, and more like a label he decided to wear and own before some jerk could hurt him with it. That premonition extends to his brand slogan "Do…

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