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The Kids are Alright

Ah, the annual "Kids' Night" at Chill on the Hill, where bands comprised of younger musicians fill the bill, sometimes for their very first major performance. It's always a treat to see that night (my first COTH this year, as a matter of fact: I've been BUSY) because when I turn on the radio and hear pre-programmed dreck, the fresh-faced new bands give me hope with their enthusiasm and gumption.  This years trio of bands was no exception.

After a drum corps and baton demo, the first band, Half Glass Full, set up on stage. The majority of this band are recent 8th graders out of Fernwood Montessori, and they opened with a cover of Nirvana's "Lithium." They feature two lead singers, who either trade front person status or sing in duet -- both singers in the melody -- which exposes a bit of pitchiness. But it's heartfelt enough to gloss over. They had a pile of good originals too, a few that punched down a nice groove. Their enthusiasm won everybody…

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