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Pop! Goes the autumn!

Well, I'm writing this on November 1, where in Wisconsin the ground is covered with several inches of snow (yes, this is a bit early) and thinking of all the great pop (and near pop, or punk bands pulling off pop) I came across over the past couple of months. Normally I'l post about them instantly, but a lot was going on in my life (family members in hospital, et cetera, which I know deserves more than an et cetera, but I just don't feel like telling the story again) and it all came together as I drove down to Champaign IL for another of those Sandwich Life House Concerts that Cynthia and Ernie put together. Those shows tend to be on the folksy/americana acoustic side, but every now and then they bring in an act with a full band or somebody I remember from a full band. So when I saw that she'd booked the Peter Holsapple Combo, I put in to get the day off work and headed down for a weekend of beautiful hiking and pop.

Many years back as an undergraduate at UIUC there wa…

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