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Oldschool Riverwest Weekends

For the past couple of weeks, I've musically been relying on old standbys -- either bands I know will be good, or at least comprised of people I can count on to be great. The latest incarnation of Fly and the Swatters is a pretty good example of this. As long as I've known Paul "Fly" Lawson (in this particular evening, resplendent as Paulette), there's always been a Swatters lineup somewhere, but for the past dozen or so years it's been on the back burner because he's been in other bands. In fact, the first time I ever saw him play was a Swatters show at the old Gordon Park Pub (later the Stork Club and now it's a restaurant called Nessun Dorma) back in the early 90s.   Up until this version, he's been both lead guitarist and frontman/lead singer, but last week was the Swatters debut of Jessica Knurr on vocals. First time I ever saw her was singing was with a band called Skirt, and later on she fronted an outfit called Dyna Flo and Her Roadmaster…

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