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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Yeah, all the cool kids were at the Back Room at Colectivo last night to see the wonderful Grovelers open up for Southern Culture on The Skids, but I'm recovering from a great Wisconsin vacay, that started on a boat.

Yes, the way to start a vacation is to get on a boat and go on a cruise with a surf band. I signed off my work computer, turned off my work mobile phone, and headed toward to dock to board the Vista King. With my ticket, I got my free first drink, a potent margarita that has the glow of some fluid you'd put in your car. Last time I did this they were brake-fluid blue; this night they were radiator fluid, original gatorade flavor yellow. You could get a beer, but why? The Vista King's margaritas will set you up. I took a seat right by the band, and noticed I was next to WMSE's Paul Host, who mentioned (and I agreed) "these Vista King cruises are the best entertainment value in the city." He's right: for $20, you get a terrific band, a drink, a…

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