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More warm music for more cold nights

"So, how was Calliope?" Brian asked me when I got home Friday night from a show at Company Brewing in Riverwest.  He would have joined me but as a second shifter, Friday night shows aren't a thing for him. Great, I told him. Finally, a band that lives up to their buzz. I'd call them psychedelic (as they do), but I want to say heavy metal. Not Metallica metal, more like Blue Cheer, Deep Purple, with more emphasis on the heavy rather than the metal. After all, this is a band that has the chops to cover "Bridge of Sighs."

"As in Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs?" Brian asked as I loaded up the (admittedly shaky-- I've never claimed to be a moving picture cameraperson) video I shot onto the computer. "Check this out," I told him. "I knew this cover was coming, because they posted on their FB page that they were working it up and that kind of ruined the surprise, but still. They nailed it."

"Is that a farfisa? And look at that…

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