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Criminally underrated roots music at the Milwaukee Polka Riot

About a month ago, I stumbled upon this essay that basically addressed people who claim "I like all kinds of music, except for rap and country." The essay provoked a lot of conversation, but the essence -- that "learned" people avoid those two genres because they're trying to distance themselves either from "simple, low class whites" or "thugs" or because they have never lived those lives, or just don't want to live them anymore -- is a valid discussion. I would  submit that you could substitute "Polka" (or any kind of music with roots in the common folk) for "country" and you would get a similar reaction.

Which is why, when the Milwaukee Polka Riot at Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall was announced, I was excited to see it come together, as it did splendidly this past Saturday night. On one hand, many saw it as a crazy fun night, leaning on the novelty aspect of it: a cajun thrash metal band opening and  heavy met…

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