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Bashing out the last gasp of summer

The last major festival in Milwaukee for the summer is the Bay View Bash. Yeah, there are other festivals later in the year, but it always seems like the Bash is the final gasp of summer, a time when we need to squeeze out one more day of music, food and drinking.

And this year, the lineup made it imperative that I carve time into my weekend for it. I totally blew it the last time Daikaiju came around. I hadn't seen them in seven years.  So this year, I vowed to make it out to see them at the Bay View Bash, the last band at the Rush Mor stage.  But I also vowed to see Klaus Nomi's Homies, and they were going on early, so I knew I had to pace myself to make it through. In both cases (and a lot of meat in that sonic sandwich) it was worth it.

I walked down a well decorated sidewalk to get from my parking place to the back of Klaus Nomi's Homies. The premise for KNH was originally a tribute band to the legendary Oil Tasters, a band that should've been world famous, but I…

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