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We are 414 Day

"Milwaukee Day," April 14 (4/14 -- same as the area code, get it?) fell on a Saturday, which made it a great opportunity for a pile of local bands comprised of the kinds of people who volunteer to build communities and music scenes and whatnot to put on a marathon of music. So much of a marathon that I admit I didn't get there until about two hours in, so I missed Panic on Panic (billed as post hardcore/indie) and They Guan Us (reggae). I like both genres, and their inclusion really spoke to the point organizers were really trying to make: that there is a variety of excellent underground music going on here in the 414.  
I arrived in time to see three bands that this blog hardly has to write about anymore: they are favorites of mine and I'm starting to take them for granted: the Dick Satan Trio and their dangerous surf. They insist that they're "playboy rock" and yeah, if you mean 60s hipster music used in, say, Our Man Flint (they really should learn …

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