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Well named bands at a well curated bash

Everybody is pretty much acknowledging that the Bay View Bash is the "last" festival before we start thinking about wearing long sleeved shirts and what we're going to do for Halloween. It's the last "summer" festival, a chance to get outside while it's still nice, drink, eat street food and see some bands. The nice thing about the Bash is that it really endeavors to bring a variety of entertainment. There's only a few acts that seem to appear every year (the South Stage is getting to be known as the Metal stage, and The Metal Men headline it every year) and some you even count on (Dead Man's Carnival and some fire jugglers always turn up at the "Demo" stage) but generally, there's no repeats at this festival, which makes it a really good smorgasbord to sample plenty of different bands.

Scheduling stopped me from getting early enough to catch an act I've been meaning to see, Vincent Van Great, but I did manage to catch the fun…

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