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Yes, Paul, You CAN Reheat a Souffle

OK, I'll admit it. Six months ago, when this Plasticland reunion thing was announced, I had my doubts. "Reunion" shows are kind of a hit or miss thing anyway, and while I won't name names, rest assured I wasn't the only person in town who knew this had the potential to be either a trainwreck or a triumph.

Well, duh, it was the latter, so let me get my lecture out of the way now. Because while I could make a few cracks about the average age of both band and audience (which I already did regarding the Mott the Hoople show), I won't, because there's a lot of young bands playing today in this town who are working the acid-tinged psychedelia genre, who should have been there to pay tribute to their roots and to see how it's done by the Masters. Yeah, I'm talking to you, entire local lineup of Psych Fest: you may not realize it, but you were at least influenced, if not even made possible, by these Milwaukee spuds who were writing and playing this music …

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