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A sudden, heartbreaking loss to Milwaukee's music community

We bumped into Peder Hedman last Saturday night at Zappafest. He looked great. Older, like all of us, but good. He was as animated as usual. All of us at the table we were surrounding were grousing about how we just don't get out late like we used to, but still. It's good to get out to see some bands, especially when friends are playing in them, and more than half the people on the stage that night had the privilege of calling Peder Hedman "friend." Hell, half the people in the audience could say that. After some fine words about the musicians (Peder never shied from heaping praise upon musicians that moved him) he admitted, "I gotta go," and we all understood that reluctance to leave but also the need for sleep that people our age, with families and other responsibilities, have. A lot of us were right behind him. And we waved goodbye figuring we'd see him at the next excellent show.

And today I got a call from Victor Demechei with the terrible news th…

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