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All Messed up in Linneman's with guest blogger Jeff Worman

Today's guest blogger is my old friend from my living in Riverwest days, Jeff Worman. I met/knew him from the Crazy Shepherd era: he is an artist/writer who contributed to the Crazy Shepherd (his "The Hourly Why" was a great biweekly dose of astrophysical WTF) and he was a man-about-Riverwest with whom I shared many spirited conversations about art, music and news at the Uptowner, the Gordon Park Pub, and Begga's. If you even know what those names are, you probably know Jeff Worman and don't need this introductory paragraph. These days, he resides in SE WI, he's a columnist and cartoonist for the Los Angeles Post Examiner, and broadcaster at WFAQ-LP FM, Mukwonago.
Last Saturday night, while I was having fun at the Circle A and Company Brewing, he was at Linneman's for another conflict event I wish I could have made. Here's his report (all photos/artwork are his as well: copyright Jeff Worman 2018 and used with permission):
For a lot of people, it was h…

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