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Trash Fest 2018: Sorry, Not Sorry

Trash Fest -- by its very name -- is a celebration of tacky, of trashy, of reused and resusable cultural crap, and it revels in it. Consider the themes of years past. "It's Crap and That's That" "Scum Always Rises To The Top" or seasonal tributes or tributes, period; last year's fest was a tribute to the Gong Show. Sometimes the acts are parodies, some are actual tributes to trashy culture, and as founder Voot Warnings once pointed out, "some bands just come and play their standard set." If they're trashy enough, more power to them.

But when you celebrate trash, there's going to be a self-effacing part to it, such that even though this year's Fest didn't have an official theme, I'm going to go with Sorry, Not Sorry. Because as self-effacing as Trash Fest gets, no, nobody's sorry about the poor taste, the horrid puns, the slip ups and the trash. Every year new people come in to check it out and they're not quite sur…

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