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Uphill and Against the Wind

Wow, March seems so long ago and yet seems like last week. The last couple of bands I got to see live were good ol' standbys: Silk Torpedo and the Mod Violets, and I had no clue that night jut how much I take these bands -- or any live band -- for granted.

And the night before that I wandered out to Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall, for a rescheduled (actually moved) session with the delightfully off kilter Honolulu Millionaires. Since it was literally  a last minute move from another venue, and since it wasn't their usual haunt (they're normally in Trader Nick's South Shore Inn) it wasn't exactly a packed house -- more like a Jorin Family Reunion. That's not a bad thing: everybody in the Jorin family has always made me feel welcome, so I was good. The Honolulu Millionaires play, as you might guess, Hawaiian-inspired music, complete with lap steel guitar, ukeleles. And oh yeah,  animatronic parrots singing Hawaiian pop lounge music. As I'd posted that n…

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