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A Continuing Influx of Terrific Titletown Bands

Checked the calendar for who's playing where last weekend -- Northside Creeps at the Circle A were on the bill and I hadn't seen their psychedelic punk garage (put those three words in a sentence together and I'm there) lately, but I'd had a long week at work and all I wanted to do was sit on my butt and watch yet another episode of Star Trek I'd seen seven hundred times. However, when i looked closer, I saw that a band out of Green Bay was opening and lately the stuff coming out of Brown County and vicinity has yet to fail me, so I was 75% ready to go out. I checked the TV listings to see what ST-TOS episode was scheduled and it was "Spock's Brain." That did it. "I'm outta here," I told the family.

Shows at the Circle A are supposed to start at 8, but they rarely do and last Friday was no exception. Getting there early allowed me to grab my favorite seat at what I call the "Chef's table" and tom Tiedjens joined me for som…

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