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Lounging Around

Once again, I'm making excuses for not keeping up the blog, but I've been lounging around. I've seen a lot of acts that could be considered "lounge acts", but only because they're not necessarily rock and roll, and a lot of them were instrumental. Actually, I was on vacation, on a cruise ship, and I saw genuine lounge acts. You might scoff at this (especially if you're a regular reader of this blog and know that I lean heavily toward punk, garage, psychedelia, but I do enjoy a wide swath of musical styles including prog and jazz) but the fact remains that cruise ship musicians are among the hardest working, versatile players around. I heard everything from a big band tribute, to a solo guitarist troubadour (accompanied by a drum machine and a dry sense of humor that I suspect went way over a few heads) and my favorite was an act that was billed as them doing a tribute to the Bee Gees. Thing is, the night before (and I missed this) they'd done a tribu…

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