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School Year Ending with Music and Nature

Your intrepid blogger has been busy with all that end of school year stuff that happens when your kid is done with 8th Grade. But that doesn't mean I haven't going to see plenty of music. As a matter of fact, these two converged a couple of weeks ago when my kid's band made their public debut, taking on Cream and nailing it.

So, shortly after that, I hit the Circle A to catch favorites, The Northside Creeps. They've added a guitar player (Eric Knitter, known to most folks as Rick Satan) and he's filling out the sound nicely. Bassist Ted Jorin had a bit of some technical difficulties that night, but they still brought down the house with impassioned, raucous, and catchyass garage. It's pretty much my favorite genre, and they bring it. Yet, because they are older than the typical garage band, they have a lot more experience under their collective belts, so they're tight, snappy, disciplined, and it comes out as just a great, unappreciated band.
Kid's socc…

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