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The doctor ordered a cornucopia of music

Wow, it's like everybody is trying to cram in their last few indoor shows before the summer outdoor music season starts and I had difficulty deciding what to go see this past weekend. Friday night, the Unheard Of had a record release bash at the Circle A and by all accounts, it was a glorious psychedelic be-in with lights, guitars, and sonic thunder. Some Kind of Nightmare, a wonderful punk outfit I discovered last fall, headlined a great night of punk at Sabbatic.  Saturday night, Desmond Bone had his birthday party at The A. Voot Warnings was busy being a genius at The Uptowner. Oh, and Psych Fest was going on all weekend, and also, by all accounts, it was as mind-blowing as all the pre-fest promos had promised. The Tritonics were at the A on Sunday, competing with a Sunday Duel at Kochanski's between the Hungry Williams and the Westerlies.

I was coming down with something Friday night (annoying low grade fever coupled with mild bronchitis and nasty sneezing), and after get…

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