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Weekend of Trash

Believe it or not, Trash Fest used to be a whole weekend thing. They'd have a few dozen bands that wanted in on it, and either it was at the same club the whole weekend (such as the Unicorn, because it had two stages and could cram in that much) or different clubs across town. The latter would require the organizers (always Paul "Fly" Lawson and usually Darrell "The Brains" Martin) to actually pick up the trash and move it to the next venue. Seriously, you needed that much trash -- old christmas decorations, the infamous Tree of Trash, that ubiquitous stop sign -- to trash it all up. The old saying goes that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and they ain't kidding. In the world of Trash Fest, it's the other way around. Beloved pieces of trash, like this thing that's survived many a Trash Fest were actually thrown away by somebody who surely thought they were being helpful. "The sled is gone?!" everybody asked, heartbroken…

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