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Gazing at bubbles, not shoes

Chill on the Hill is a family event, generally, so pretty much every post I make about COTH mentions the kids. My kids, heck, most of my friends' kids love going to Chill On The Hill, but frankly, I have to admit, it's not about the music for them. They just love hanging out with their pals, other kids, in a place where they're free to run around, be loud, be outside, etc. I wish they loved the music as much as us grownups do, but when you're young, music is background, not foreground like it is for me now.

So this week, a couple of kind of shoe gazing, kind of alternative bands were up on the stage that really drove home this point. The first band, a relatively new group called Dramatic Lovers certainly lived up to their name. They were very much a shoe gazer band whose songs had that dirgey beat behind impassioned vocals that screamed "DRAMA!" Yet, the word on the street was that their kids were all in the audience and to entertain them, there were cute li…

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