Bucks v Raptors: Smokin' the black socks

The Toronto Raptors take the court, with red uniforms that feature tasteful black trim, especially on the sides of the shorts, which actually look good with the black socks. Some of them have red shoes, too which complete the look. Here, Miami and LA, this is how to do black socks and pull it off. However, this is contributing to my theory anyway, because finally, the Bucks smoked the Raptors, and Brian and I were there to see it! We were especially honored to learn that apparently the vocalist Ronnie James Dio is a shapeshifter, and this evening chose to reconsititute himself as a 7 year old boy sitting behind us. Wooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

We were, however, not there in time to see the anthem, so you'll have to rely on a family friend's report. He called it "sad." I asked him to describe in what way, and in doing so, he cut them a break and was able to enjoy it better. Apparently it was a classful of elementary-aged kids, and unless those kids happen to be yours, yeah, I guess having to listen to elementary kids trying to sing the anthem can be quite painful, but cute in the same way that watching William Hung sing is cute. They're having a good time, so there you go.

Speaking of smoking, what exactly was in the Bucks' publicity department's pipe when they decided to use this photo of Andrew Bogut as the one they plaster up on the jumbotron when he's being introduced? Bogut is, frankly, one of their most marketable stars for a variety of reasons. He's got the eastern euro lineage that really plays well in those "The International Language of Sports" documentaries. He was the number one draft pick and he's proving he was actually worth it. Plus -- and this works especially well in Milwaukee -- he's actually quite good-looking, you could almost call him "cute" in a "College Bound Senior Basketball Star at an Urban Catholic High School for which his parents took out a second mortgage to cover the tuition, oh, what a nice boy" sort of way. So why, oh, why are they using a mug shot that makes him look like he spent the afternoon at the Bong Recreation Area?

If you follow my link clicks ever, you know that I have a keen interest in all things obesity and nutrition, and it's bad enough that there's a promotion where, if the Bucks win, and they score at least 100 points, your ticket is good for a free quarter pounder with cheese at McDonald's. That's all well and good, I guess. But during tonight's Midwest Express Best Seats in the House promotion, there was a bit of a sad commentary. The Midwest Express Airlines promotion is advertising brilliance. They pick two random fans in crummy seats, and early in the 1st quarter upgrade their seats to a pair of nice wide leather seats (yes, these are the ones on a Midwest Express flight) placed as SW of courtside as you can get without losing $350 per game in revenue. It puts exactly the image the airline wants in your head: everybody instantly thinks, "Gee, I'd really like to be sitting in those seats." And right when you're thinking, "oh, is this really like being on a Midwest Express flight?" one of the Bucks Energee girls serves the winners the trademark ME warm chocolate chip cookies to decidedly answer "Yes! These ARE the best seats ever! For a game OR a flight, so book a non-stop to Orlando today!" So tonight they're interviewing the winners on their way down to the seats, and one is a kid, and they ask him what his favorite thing about being at a Bucks game is. And the kid answers "Because if they win with 100 points, you get a Quarter Pounder with Cheese!" That's it, kid? That's what you fought traffic, paid $20 for a parking place, risked seeing another heartbreaking loss and tolerated a horrificly rendered national anthem for? A Royale With Cheese? Geez, Morgan Spurlock should have something to say about this.

While we're talking about the Energee Girls, tonight they surprised me. Usually they do their 3rd quarter time out performance to some current but indistinguishably safe for the family hip hop thing, but over the loudspeakers comes the intro to Turning Japanese apparently to warm us up to an 80's New Wave mood, because out trot the girls, and what do they shake their booties to? The Clash's Rock The Casbah! And both Brian and I were impressed with the marvelous editing to keep it down to NBA timeout length. I'm not sure whether or not it's fortunate that Joe Strummer wasn't alive to see this. This Is Not KO-sher!


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