Savoring a Bucks win!

The Bucks did it last night to Portland at home. In overtime! God Bless 'em.

Why not the long blog entry? Lord knows it was a great game. There was that point where you wondered, "OK, when are they going to blow it?" and they never did. It was tight up until the end, everybody's on their feet for the final few seconds, Portland blows the shot that would have done it for them, and overtime actually invigorates the Bucks. But no huge report from me this time around? Why? Because we didn't get there until halftime. Why? Because it was Brian's birthday, and we decided to splurge, and we did so at Carnevor, the new hot steakhouse in town. This isn't a cheap date, but I'll tell you, it provided me with one of the five best pieces of steak I've had in my 46 years. For the price, I ate it slowly, savoring every perfectly medium-rare bite (with a perfect almost crisp crust topped with bleu cheese). I had to work today, so I didn't have time to write up a whole lot about it. But at least I finally get to see a home court win from the Bucks. Cubs win! Cubs win!

Really, that's the way I feel about the Bucks right now. Having grown up a Chicagoan, and specifically a Cubs fan, I have this understanding about teams that don't win a lot. You suddenly realize there's more to the game of baseball (or basketball) besides winning. It's the ballpark, it’s the hot dogs, it’s the fans, it’s the ivy, it’s the understanding of it all. Its why I'm not demanding the head of Terry "The White Shadow" Stotts on a platter. It's why I want to arrive good and early at the Bradley Center to hear the anthem. It's why I critique the food, the contest winners, why I hang out to catch the halftime entertainment, and why I turn into Joan and Melissa Rivers as regards the Energee Girls. Its playing the trivia contests, its laughing at Bango the Mascot. It’s the whole package, and being a Cubs fan teaches you that. Its really about appreciating and savoring a win, like that filet I had two hours earlier, the same way a Cubs fan would savor listening to Harry Caray wheeze out "Cubs Win! Cubs Win!" Do Boston Celtics fans understand about this? I think not.


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