DJ V'ron, showing her age

First, its been pointed out to me that the Mighty Deerlick's "Reindeer in the Sky" is actually a ripoff of U2, not Nugent-Cum-Trower. But, yanno, now that I think of it, whenever I hear that U2 song, all I can think of is "Aren't Ted Nugent and Robin Trower ever going to haul Bono and the Edge into court?" Just goes to show you how old I am and what was on "progressive radio" when I was a high schooler. U2 didn't even exist, then, babies.

Anyway, I'm DJing again this coming weekend. Come see me spin records as a guest of the Fabulous Lemonie Fresh this Saturday, December 23 at The RiverHorse, 701 E Center in Milwaukee. Also spinning will be Miss Lonfontaine. We start at 10.


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