Reporting in from Zone 5(4), the Mad Planet, and Gettysburg

pink asiatic lillies
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First, reporting in from Gardening Zone 4 (we'll, technically, I'm in Zone 5, but that's mostly because I'm close to the lake, but i plant for 4, becaus it still gets cold).
  • The asiatic lillies are up and in! I've got pink and orange and red and white and others! Also the Stella d'Oro daylillies are popping open too. This is the first year they've gone simultaneously, and the regular daylillies are catching up too!

  • All my friends are confirming this -- it's the year of the strawberry. I've tried and tried for many years to get more than three strawberries, maybe they take a few years to establish, but in a 15 square foot patch I'm picking at least a quart a day! And sweet juicy ones too! I remember when I was a kid we had a little strawberry patch, and all these years I was bummed out that I couldn't recreate it. Now I have been. The raspberries are just getting ready to set fruit. I wonder if I'll have a week or two when I'm getting both.

  • The roses are in peak right now. Even the miniature ones.

Brian went to the Chief/Wanda Chrome/Year of the Gun show, and he reports:
  • Chief: "What an axeslinger Chris Tischler is! You see him in his other act, and you have no idea. Great stuff. And who is that on bass? He's like a young, mowhawked Alan Hale. Rock, man, rock.

  • Wanda Chrome: "They're great. Period. What a night for lead guitar players. And Joel on drums, as great as I rememberd him." (Joel had briefly played with F/i).

  • Year of the Gun: "continuing the night of the guitar stars.... that guy, it was like going to see Aerosmith, round about 1970."

  • Spotted in the crowd, Paul "The Fly" Lawson, and the Tasting Room's (and now the Circle A's) Carson, both duly appreciating the loudness of the evening.

relaxing before the battle
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And finally, this report from Grant Park -- I'm bicycling through and come upon a sign that reads Reenactment Site Site. So reenacted they had to site it twice. I pedaled in, and asked the costumed folk, "So what are you reenacting?" They smiled and answered, "Well, we're reenacting just waking up, having a cup of coffee, and enjoying a nice summer day." Later they promised to shoot off some cannons. I didn't have time to really look around, but i give them major props for dressing up to the nines in this weather. I overheard one of the leaders reminding the younger ones to remember to drink plenty of water, even if they didn't think they were thirsty. If I didn't have my garden to tend to today, I would have stuck around. I wonder if they picked Grant park on purpose because of the name.

Anyway, coming to you from Gettysburg by way of Cudahy, this is your intrepid reporter signing off.


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