Cher-ing the weekend

First off, shameless self promotion: Friday night, my band, Loblolly, is in the middle of a three band bill we just learned about two weeks ago at the Points East Pub. Headlining the thing will be this blog's perennial favorites Dr Chow's Love Medicine, and opening the set will be Substitute, that Who tribute band I wrote about recently. They have a new Pete Townshend, so that should be interesting. Loblolly's drummer, Andy Pagel, is the Keith Moon, so I hope he's not TOO tuckered out by the time we get on stage. He assures me not to worry, and thus I assure you as well. This is kind of a homecoming gig for us, too. The first time Loblolly every played was at Points East, when the room was half the size (and so was the stage!). I've always liked playing there. Brian is now Second Chair Guitarist with Dr Chow, so I'm coming dangerously close to sharing a stage with my husband, violating one of my cardinal rules. (never be in a band with your SO, and never start a relationship with somebody in your band.) It's bad enough we agreed that we'll share his amp so we don't have to haul two amps. Anyway, I'll be doing my usual outrageous stage schtick, including covering Cher, so be there.

OK, everybody else:

Thursday night: Binky Tunny at the Mad Planet. This might be the absolutely correct place to catch Binky and the Farmland Chokehold. If I'm not too bushed from a huge project a work I'm on, I'll be putting in some time there. I like that place, I need to get there more often.

Friday night: If there's anybody worth seeing besides us, Dr Chow and Substitute, I'm not telling you. Pay cover and see us at Points East, where they have an excellent (and reasonably priced beer selection), relatively clean restrooms, and a kitchen that stays open late and has terrific bar pizza. I've also heard great stuff about the chicken wings.

Saturday night: This is a tough one. The Velvet Underground Project, with Eat The Mystery at Bucketworks, featuring the Dale Kaminski's Paka Paka Lightshow is at Bucketworks -- and this is the last stand before Bucketworks moves to their new location just around the corner. This will be truly a Factory-style party. I've been looking forward to this a long time -- I've not seen the VU project in months, and a night of Lou Reed songs is always a good night. Plus, regular readers know how much I love Eat the Mystery's new millenium punk cabaret. So why the quandry? Because at the Cactus Club, the competition is a rare appearance by the legendary Couch Flambeau, with guests the Peder Hedman Quartet. And after about 2 weeks, the Cactus is closing for at least a month to effect a major renovation project. This works out for them well, because face it, it will be the peak of the Summer Festival Season, and who wants to be in a dark bar on a gorgeous summer night when you could easily find a terrific band at an outdoor festival? Still, the hand tips to Bucketworks and the Factory Party. I know Flambeau and Hedman will be playing out many more times than the VU Project, for one thing, and more importantly, it's Marla "Nico" Rothenberg's 50th birthday and she will never let me sing Cher at her Karaoke again if I'm not there to drink with her and snap pictures.

Sunday night: Email in my box at the last minute: John Kruth is back in Milwaukee for a quick couple of shows! He'll be with Paul Kneevers and the rest of the Eva Destruction band at the Highbury Pub in Bay View. Opening the night will be (according to Kneevers' email) "Maestro Jeff Hamilton and his Noisey Show."


Mojito Mami said…
One of these days I am going to make it to see your band perform. We are still getting ours up and active. We have pics soon and should have a site up within the next two months. kk

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