I'm sorry, I can't resist

I blogged on my weightloss blog about this blowhard at a conference i was at, who was supposed to be speaking on the topic of "radical change in turbulent times." He was this guy who was president of some college that offered a culinary program, and they eliminated the athletic program because "400 pound students don't play volleyball." Need I say, to justify this caption, that he is a Chicagoan, and the school he presided at was in Evanston (Evanston is to Chicago what Shorewood is to Milwaukee). As I ask, So, tell me, why aren't ALL our volleyball nets strung up instead of just two of them at Bradford Beach? C'mon, we have plenty of not-fat people here who love to play volleyball!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "OK, V'ron, give it a rest."

Anyway, I suffered the wound from the entry below taking this picture. The light in the morning at the Lakefront has been just stunning lately, and I wasn't paying attention, and I now have racked up Ferocious Wipeout of 2007 #2. I'm taking bets -- at this rate, when do you think I'll land in the emergency room? Labor Day? State Fair? Next week?

I'll tell you, though, sometimes a wound is worth it, for a picture, and an overdone point.


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