Saturday Night @ the Foundation: Oh, I Am So Disappointed

Lemonie Fresh is a terrific DJ, and so is Miss Riot. That said, given the choice, I will take a live band over record spinners any day.

Turns out that Fresh Riot turned out to be a parody ad for their DJ gig, not an announcement for an upcoming debut gig. At least I wasn't the only one at the Foundation disappointed that we didn’t have a two-piece of grrlpunk action in that back room.

Lemonie Fresh attempts to explain: "Well, it was supposed to be a parody of the Quiet Riot album cover." Uh, girlfriend, your market generally isn't familiar with Quiet Riot, and plus, you didn't even parody the definitive Quiet Riot album. And even though you used the right font to parody that QR composite photo, it's the same font you've used for your own, non-parody stuff. The fact that I met four people who were as naïve as I to think you were really gonna play live musical instruments points to the wisdom of being careful with parody, it might come back to smack you in the keyster.

"Look, I'm really sorry," she said, and it was then I realized she thought that I was really ticked off. Not at all. Disappointed, yes (and to a nice Catholic girl, a sigh of disappointment can be much worse than a burst of righteous anger, believe me) but not ticked off. After all, I did get to go out child free for an hour or so, enjoy a nice microbrew, shoot the breeze with some friendly Foundation patrons, and find yet more wonderful Tiki detail at that place. (It's like it’s the Mini Museum of Tiki Adornament there.).

But still, here's the heartbreaking part, Lemonie Fresh isn't even learning how to play the drums, much less be ready for a gig anyway. She's still considering moving from guitar to bass and we still don't know when we'll hear her playing music rather than just spinning it.

Oh, I am so disappointed. [wringing hands wrapped with a rosary I picked up at Goodwill]. Where did I go wrong? Have I not inspired grrls through my clumsy guitar playing that its all about chutzpah, you don't necessarily have to be any good??!?!? Some "veteran punkster" I am. I can't even inspire a good guitar player to drop everything and get behind a trap set. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

On the bright side, a DJ night with Lemonie Fresh and Miss Riot is never a waste of time.

But still. I was looking for two piece grrl riot, Fresh style. I think she and Miss Riot should form a band, call it Fresh Riot, and be some godawful mix of feminist glam metal punk garage cacophony influenced by both Bikini Kill and Quiet Riot. Wouldn't you pay good money for that?


melanie said…
I do not really understand your need to vent about me online.
A. Foundation rarely has bands. Why would I debut a band there? "Miss Riot" and "lemonie fresh" are commonly known as dj names. Miss riot is known to have no musical ability aside from dj'ing
B. I have been flyering/djing for 7 years mostly for dj gigs and always use basic fonts. i didn't make most of the Riveter flyers. I usually have only referred to myself as "lemonie fresh" in the context of djing or art.
C. Nobody else that I talked to was confused at all. Why would we play at foundation?
D. I posted numorous times on myspace and other sites that it was a DJ night. If you were confused I apologize that it wasn't clear enough for you. the flyer bulletin was intendeed to be a reminder like "hey remember that dj thing i posted about?"
F. I never said I was learning to play drums ever. I have never mentioned a new band.

I have a lot on my plate so if I say i am interested in starting new hobbys like playing bass I really sincerely am interested but I am very busy and have alot of other things going on in my life. I considered you a friend that I would be able to reveal possible desires to not thinking that my words would be used against me. I feel extremely hurt that you would make this post about me. I don't understand why it is that big of a deal that you had to attempt to tarnish my reputation. I would never have done that to even if I thought your band sucked or whatever. In the future I will be very careful of what I say to you.

I am a very private person and i just assumed that you were a friend and would be cool enough to respect me enough to talk about these issues to my face. The intention of this post seems to be some sort of lash at me.
So It was dj's and not a band. big deal. SO WHAT. I can think of a gazillion times those kind of misunderstandings happen in music. I don't see how it is that big enough deal to make a rant in a public forum about. Sure I could understand if you didn't know me at all and went off but this comes across as personal since I assumed we were friends.
melanie said…
The friends that I currently have or that I would like to have in the future would never write anything like this about me online.

I feel like a fool since I stood up for you when people would say to me "veronica seems like she is having a mid life crisis" or "she drinks too much." or when I have heard people say that your band was "too nineties" I always defended you.

I don't know alot about Quiet Riot. You are right. Who cares? I didn't act like I did. I never claimed to be a Quiet Riot Guru. I am sorry that a goofy flyer mislead you to think that I was claiming to be one.

Once again I am sorry about the misunderstanding but I made other bulletins on myspace that said it was a dj night and i never hung up those flyers. they were meant for friends to see that would have already known I was dj'ing from the other posts from jen and I about it. It isn't my fault you only saw that one bulletin. Sorry I haven't had time to pick up a new instrument. I have had a few deaths in my family and have been working on painting and really haven't had the time emotionally or physically. I AM NOT PERFECT

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