2nd major wipeout of the summer

2nd major wipeout of the summer
Originally uploaded by V'ron.
First one was back in April, blew out my ankle running.

This was a bike wipeout. I suddenly saw this bush in my path, didn't avoid it fast enough, and realized afterwards it had been freshly cut, so this is what it looks like when the top of your knee mets a freshly cut bush.

I'm gonna have a pretty impressive batch of scars from this summer, I can just tell.

Just you wait until tomorrow when the black and blue really kicks in. It's just kind of purple as I write this. I'm gonna wait until there's some real fun colors before I shoot it again.


czeltic girl said…
Ouch! Those bushes are evil, I tell you. They lurk about and wait for unsuspecting cyclists to come by, and then they attack.

On the plus side, if you got the injury near where you shot the photo, you at least managed to injure yourself close to a medical facility. (The ride home probably wasn't much fun, though, eh?)
V'ron said…
Actually, I got this on the way to WORK!

Fortunately, we have a well-stocked supply of bandaids and neosporin in our floor's lounge.
Mojito Mami said…
Yay! I'm not the only clumsy bofoon roaming the streets of Milwaukee. God help everyone around the day we actually cross paths! lol

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