Debut night at Points East

please flick that cigarette.....
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Quick rundown of the Dr Chow/Loblolly/Substitute show at Points East last night.

Substitute: Wow. Their regular Pete Townsend couldn't make it, so this guy CJ who they hadn't even rehearsed with sat in. Whew! If you can't rehearse, I guess you play it though like it was Live at Leeds and that's exactly what they did. Dave Getling on the sound board helped them get that perfect Leeds sound, and the loose but accurate stage presence sealed it up. Before the set, the Enthwistle took issue with my assessment of his "My Generation" bass lick at the last show; tonight, in a very Leeds-esque way, he nailed it. (Afterwards, I simply pointed at him and said, "Correct.") But this CJ guy on guitar. "Alright, alright," we in the audience mumbled to each other as he took that live version of "My Generation" into pieces of Tommy, "you passed the audition!" He'll still need to sit for the written exam, but his passed his aurals.

Loblolly? Gee, I can be objective about this, huh? Fun set for us. We'd only rehearsed once since our last show, and I think it showed. People (read: friends) told me afterwards that they didn't notice the MANY biffs we made, and I think we did do a good job covering for each other, still, not my best performance I'll admit. It's that second outing problem, I think. I got all cocky from the first show, and wasn't at 100% here. Julie Brandenburg commented on my earlier entry that she thought it was good, and I once gave her a hard time for being picky about her own performances, but I guess I'm hard on myself, as an artist should be. There's always room for improvement. Still, the audience seemed to enjoy it, and even that amazing Pete Townsend guy said we were good, so overall, I feel pretty good about the show. But I'm not cocky about it, that's for sure.

Dr Chow, in fine form, per usual. This was Brian's first "official" set with them, and, gee, i can be REALLY objecctive about this, huh? Well, I think he adds a good touch. His psychedelic/jam background works well with this bunch, and I think it lays a strong foundation for the Fly to take off. He's got to find a way to flick his cigarettes, though. He had a line of ashes that had to be two inches long going, it was driving me nuts......

OK, on to The VU Project, Eat the Mystery, and Marvelous Marla's birthday tonight.... .


Mojito Mami said…
oh this gets me so excited to start performing. i am ready for the nerves and everything.

btw playing while keeping all those ashes attached to the cig w/o falling off is a true talent.

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