Let's Start The Summer with Grammatical Wrist Slapping

One of my favorite Milwaukee bloggeristas, Czeltic Girl, had called attention in this postto a lovely little site dedicated to passive aggressive notes passed around. It was a great blog, but the referenced blogroll was packed with equally shining gems of its own. I scrolled down, until I came to something that is my Number Two All Time Grammar Pet Peeve. (My Number One, of course, is people who use the apostrophe incorrectly. You know, people who use the possessive "2 for 1 Pizza's" when its simply plural. Remember the slogan of the Society for the Correct Use of the Apostrophe: "It's Seldom We See Its Proper Use." The SFCUA doesn't have a web page, but the Apostrophe Protection Society does, so there's no excuse.)

Anyway, on the Passive Aggressive Blogroll, is this wonderful site which pays tribute to my Number Two All Time Grammar Pet Peeve, The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, which I have added to my blogroll. It includes a "Greatest Hits" side bar, one of which had me spitting on my monitor.

But I'll go ahead and nominate this brief shining moment for the Greatest Hits sidebar as well.

Enjoy, my dear readers.


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