Singin' in the cold

I promised I'd not be so negative all the time, and its as though I was sent this wonderful lady at the bus stop this morning just so I could write about her. Car's in the shop, so I'm taking the bus before the sun comes up. Its 1 degreee above zero and I'm just accepting that I'm going to freeze when this lady walks up and says "OK, I need the right attitude" and she start to belt out "Let it Snow." By the second line I was contributing the alto part. The other people at the bus stop were smiling, and it took our mind off this fridgid cold. Then she went into good ol' "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" (I think the correct title is "The Christmas Song" but "Chestnuts..." is not only the way I know the song, but also pretty much the only words I know.) We let her do that as a solo (big of us, eh?) and she got halfway through when the bus arrived. Those of us at the stop talked her into finishing the song. It was a wonderfully cynicism-free moment. Not one person at the stop or on the bus rolled their eyes in annoyance, everybody smiled, a few joined in and helped her remember some of the more obscure words.

Turns out she was practicing for a company talent show this weekend. She was good. Not only vocally, but she was just a good thing to start off this otherwise cold, cold morning.


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