Eating my socks

Well, I've not written of the past couple of Bucks games because it's been Christmas and all. Christmas Eve Eve (that's the 23rd) husband and I went to see Bucks v Miami. Good tight game. Both teams wearing crisp white socks, so that explains it. Bango the Mascot still has his arm in a sling, which is a darn shame because he's the only one with anything of an arm to throw out freebies to the fans. This means that only the fans in the $$$$ seats are getting freebies, the last people who really NEED freebies. Anthem given to us by a saxophonist by the name of Jeremy Scott, who blew the thing like he was Bleeding Gums Murphy. For a moment there, during "the rockets' red glare" he was in danger of slipping into Kenny G, but he came back and held the high "land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeee" rather long, which eliminated any thoughts of Mr G. Oh, the game! They're back on track. They're not relying on those threes, (but they were hitting the ones they were taking), and they're getting their pretty passing game back. One day they'll be able to combine their pretty passing with shooting and they'll be contenders.

However, tonight, my husband calls me into the living room during a televised away game. "Hon," he says, "looks like the Bucks' away socks are black."

"Yeah, looks like they're losing, too," I said. Admittedly, I have to remember that the Bucks are doing rather well on the road. I'm going to need to get out an excel spreadsheet, and crunch some numbers, and see if there really is anything to my theory about black socks and winning. And if there isn't, well they still look ridiculous. The Bucks have NO black in their uniforms. They may not wear black socks. They do not have my permission. So there.


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