Hoops: Knowing your sock and shooting limitations

Bucks v. Miami, at the game with Stella. I don't even want to talk about the game, but here's the rundown. Bucks come out strong in the 1st quarter by sticking to the basics. Miami realizes they're in trouble, and by halftime the score is close. Bucks seem to think that even though they haven't hit a 3 all night, they can suddenly catch up the 10-20 points they're down by hitting 3s (which they CAN'T tonight, can they not read their own stats?) and instead of going back to the basics -- which their first quarter performance told them was the way to go, they keep hoping for miracles. So instead of good old layups (which helped them dominate 1Q) they forget that all their 3 point power guys are out with injuries/sick. They end up losing 100-83.

Now, over to Shaq. "I like Shaq," Stella says "I don't even care if we lose because I like Shaq." Everybody likes Shaq, and I like Shaq, too, not the least reason being that even though his team's uniform would justify it, he has the fashion sense not to wear those hideous black socks so many NBA players seem to think is cool. No, Shaq is looking cool and sports-like with crisp white athletic socks. His team is one of the few whose away uniforms (and home ones, too) could do black socks: the Miami Heat sports a black uniform, with white numerals, and a snappy touch of red trim. A few of the Heat did indeed wear black socks, and it wasn't godawful, but it still proves my point about maybe. Maybe you could do black socks if your uniform had enough black in it to work, but the white socks simply look better.

You can count on a stylish man like Shaq to realize this. He knows that nobody with any panache would be caught dead with black socks with shorts and gym shoes. That's something maybe his tacky biological would do (you know, the one who didn't bother). No, Shaq bothers to look in the mirror and say to himself, "No, I could do this because my uniform has lots of black in it. I could do this simply because I'm Shaq. But I know my limitations." Knowing one's limitations is why Shaq dominated last night. Not knowing one's limitations, whether its dressing in stupid looking socks or not having a good night with the three-pointers, is why the Bucks lost.


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