LA, you can't do the black socks, either

What is up with this? Have I been in the dark all this time? Is this some horrible trend that I'm just catching on to? I feel like Lynda Barry: "What if this is cool and I just can't tell?" Except that Lynda Barry was referring to a lime green knitted midi-skirt her character Arna made at the Sears Knitting School, circa 1967. No, that lime green knitted midi-skirt was not cool ever, and it never will be and neither will black socks.

LA Lakers v. Bucks. The Lakers were on, the Bucks were probably cocky from Saturday's game because tonight they just didn't have it going. We left, down by 20, three minutes to go. But those Lakers and the black socks -- FEH! And their away uniforms are PURPLE. Uh guys, if you want to go with dark socks, get some purple ones. It's not hard. If you can afford sparkly purple patent leather shoes (which some of you have) you can find yourself some purple socks. Or else, whatever happened to good ol' white socks with three stripes at the top in your dominant team color? Those black socks look like "Well, I just couldn't find my purple ones, so hopefully people won't notice these are really black." That excuse only works if you're getting ready for work in the morning, and the closet light isn't that bright, and you confuse black with navy or purple. No, there's no excuse in an NBA locker room, where the lights are so bright you could perform surgery.

Ugh, the game was so pathetic that all I can blog on were those terrible black socks. Please, for the love of God, when I go see Miami next Wednesday, please, wear some decent socks.

Oh, and note to Kobe Bryant fan sitting next to my husband and screaming "Kobe! I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!" Girlfriend, at best, he cheats on his wife. At worst, well, he was acquitted so I can't really say more without getting sued. And now that I've seen him in person, he's just not that good looking.

I promise, this won't be such a bitchy blog in the future. Especially if Miami turns up in better color coordination.


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