Princess Non-Sequiter, I

Stella and I are driving on the freeway, listening to the radio, when some "rock and roll quiz" comes on and I correctly get the answer: "Oh, that's the Allman Brothers." I've been on a huge Allman Brothers kick lately (which is rather out of character for me) so Stella knows who the Allman Brothers are. But what she didn't know was:

"Why are they called the Allman Brothers?"

"Because there were two brothers, Gregg and Duane Allman, and this is their band."

"Were everybody in the band brothers?" Stella asked.

"No, they weren't. Actually, technically, the name of the band is The Allman Brothers' Band," I said, pronouncing 'brothers' as 'brothers-es' to get the possessive right verbally, "But when most people just say 'Allman Brothers' they mean the whole band, even the guys who weren't brothers."

"OK, mom?"


"What's that song by the Allman Brothers that I like?"

"Mountain Jam," I told her, reaching for my Ipod, anticipating her next question, knowing she's going to want to hear it.

"Mom?" she began to ask, here it comes....


"Can I go scuba diving some day?"


truejulie said…
Great story, Vron! I love it when kids apreciate music for what it is, before they are told what is supposed to be "cool". Thankfully, I have met quite a few kids who stick to what they like regardless, and don't succumb to trends. I am especially heartwarmed by the young people at MATC who listen to some of the artists "we" like such as Frank Zappa (they are floored when I tell them I played "Peaches" for your wedding). I suspect you are raising such a kid!

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