Just Another Day

No, I haven't written about the snow, (which I haven't had time to play with my kids in), the Bucks (who I'm ignoring until they consistently get their act together), any bands playing out (there's so many my head's spinning), all because of that project at work that I'm too dependent on my job to talk about. So, honeys, I'm not ignoring you. I'm just even more swamped than I usually complain about being. I'm even too swamped to write in my blog.

Oh, and tomorrow's my birthday. I'm feeling guilty about celebrating this, because yesterday was Brian's and, well, I didn't do anything special for it. So I feel like I just have to treat tomorrow like just another day. Which, when you're looking down the barrel of 50 (hold the stupid black balloons, I'm not quite there yet), it actually is. Just another day. And before you get yet another of Sir Paul's more dreckier moments I offer you a weekend lineup worth celebrating a birthday with:
  • Tonight the fabulous Eat the Mystery packs it into the Bremen CafĂ© for their 2nd Anniversary Show. They've been around for only two years? I thought they'd been around since 1927. Anyway, it's been awhile, and somehow they are a perfect band for the season and to drink a birthday drink to.

  • Renaissance man Jeff Hamilton and Cocksmith Matty Gonzalez crank it up tonight for a "solo" (but there's two of 'em) show at the Highbury. And it's Matty's birthday too!

  • Saturday during the day, it's Art Vs Craft at the Scottish Rite Center. This is the place to pick up the kind of Christmas gifts I like -- cool, kicky, things that had some thought put into them, local, slightly ironic. Chris Ward alerted us to this. And even if you don't buy a thing, if you've never been in the Scottish Rite Center you want to see the interior. I was there once for one of Melanie Beres' Milwaukee Rock Theatre shows and the combination of oldschool WASP with rock, art, and irony was wonderful.

  • The Brew City Bruisers have a bout this Saturday night! We're taking the kids! It's smoke free, and Stella loves it, and I'm glad she loves it: there's nothing like a feminnist mom and her girl (and her boy and husband, for that matter) in a gym full of strong, creative, powerful women of all shapes and sizes having a good time.

  • Email from the Uptown Savages: some of their members have a new band debuting Saturday night. Here's their blurb, which is all I know about this new act: "Transistor Royale will be making our debut performance on Saturday, Dec 8.
    The show is at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee. We will be opening for The Nice Outfit and Jack Raasch. [They] feature current and former members of The Exotics, The Uptown Savages, The Dick Satan Trio, The Nelsonics, The Bikini Beachcombers, The Virgins, The Nerve Twins, Forearm Smash and Death and more." OK, either there's a few guys who play in thirty different bands, or the stage at the Cactus is going to be packed.

  • Prog queen and composer royale Julie Brandenburg is set for a mellow night at the Bradford Beach Club -- she'll start out with solo songs with Eric Lundgren, and then Strange Land's Sean Gill will play some solo guitar compositions. I might need just that to come down from the Roller Derby


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