Pre Holiday Ramblings

One Soup Over the Cuckoo's Nest
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Just a few ramblings before the big weekend:
  • I've come to the conclusion that if you're a stoner, and need a job, you would do well working for one of those companies that make Vendor Holiday Gift Baskets. Short of working in product development at Ben & Jerry's, no other job would seem to be so tailor made for you. Really, who else but a stoner would come up with chocolate-covered potato chips? Who else but a stoner would realize how good it would taste to layer port wine cheese spread with pre-crushed Ritz Crackers artfully displayed in a snowflake-shaped decanter? Who else but a stoner has even heard of minty-infused white-chocolate covered dried japapeno peppers?

  • I capped off my holiday shopping at American Science and Surplus, where I could write blog entries forEVER about all the treasures one can find there. I'll just point out my favorite find this year -- a mini catapult that launches little plastic nuns. And I am the kind of person who has several friends who would indeed appreciate a Nun-A-Pult.

  • The Ice Dams cometh: why this year? What is it about this year's icicles that are really causing the issue? The sudden freeze? Or is everybody so busy this year (and everybody I've talked to say this has been one of the most stressful holiday seasons ever, so it's not just me), that they've ignored basic maintenance? Knock on wood, we've been lucky.

  • And finally, did you realize that Wolfgang Puck bears a striking resemblance to Jack Nicholson?


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