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A road trip through Northern Wisconsin wouldn't be complete without a pilgrimage to the mecca that is Titletown, would it?

That is all.

Edited to Add: No, that's not all. I'm not really all that huge on football. I can take or leave it, and I'm a fairly fair weather packers fan. But if I like any team it's the Packers.

Actually, what I think I really like is the idea of the Packers. I like that they are owned not by some rich guy who thinks it would be fun to have a football team, I like that they are owned by the City of Green Bay and some stockholders. I like that they're in a town that today would never be able to score a national team (be it football, baseball, or even hockey) to be there. I like that the name of the stadium is Lambeau Field, not "US Cellular Field" or "AT&T Lambeau Field." It's just named for a legendary coach who pretty much put the Packers on the Map. And I like that the most legendary coach, Saint Vince himself, was a Packer Coach, that beautiful lifelike statue of him keeping watch over a beautiful stadium the city built with the support of the community (and benefiting the community), and that 90% of his philosophy could be applied to things other than football.

So, being raised a Cubs fan, it doesn't really matter to me whether or not the Packers suck. I like the idea of the Packers, and I thus am obligated to pay homage whenever we're driving through Brown County.

OK, now that is all.


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