Buzzkill before the Triathlon

Originally uploaded by V'ron.
I'm riding up that monster hill up Humboldt, approaching North, and I'm pulling a kid in a trailer to boot, and I'm totally high on the fact that I'm doing this, and some dickslap broke some glass, and by the time i cross the intersection and am approaching Wright street, well, there it is.


Two days before the triathlon. All I wanted to do was get an easy going little ride in today, not a major workout, just a good ride to keep my quads and hams in condition. Was that asking so much? Did some prick HAVE to smash their glass bottle at this intersection?

Thank God for Cory the Bike Fixer. He was still open today, and he and his man Marshall not only fixed my flat, but did some fine tuning on my rear brakes.

Also, kudos to Sammy, the Best 3 Year Old Boy Ever. We limped over to the Fuel Cafe and shared a brownie while i waited for Brian to come get me. Sammy couuld have been a butt about cutting short his trailer ride, which he loves. Instead, he told me little boy jokes, shared his gatorade with me, and asked me to help him eat this extremely rich brownie we had at the Fuel.

Really, he could have been a real pain about this. Instead, he turned a total buzzkill into a fun little time on a beautiful summer day.


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