Busy Weekend coming up

Tonight begins one of my favorite Milwaukee festivals, Bastille Days. It's a great festival that really stays true to its source, and its in the classy East Town neighborhood. The fabulous Robin Pluer transforms into Edith Piaf, there's French Food everywhere, and its overall a great fest.

Tomorrow, we head out to Beloit to catch Blue Oyster Cult. I've already written and written and linked to my writings on BOC. There's just something about them I can unapolegetically love, and love especially at dippy little county fairs, rather than stadiums or Summerfest. Maybe it's because when i see them there, I feel like we're the local friends and family who've discovered this really good band that nobody can figure out why they're not mega-famous. But they are. Such a dichotomy.

Saturday, Bucketworks is moving and I'm helping and you should too. Food and drink will be provided. Saturday night, that's hard. Might see the Buggs in West Allis, or just relax at the always wonderful South Shore Water Frolics. It's "The Other East Side"'s party in celebration of itself. Sunday morning will feature a terrific art show to boot. And Sunday, the night before the last day of my vacation, I'll stop into the Stepping Stone on South Howell for Paul Cotter's open stage. Warning, I actaully might sing.


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