Getting Over Milwaukee

So I ran into my drummer in Loblolly, Andy Pagel today, and he's told me he's drumming for yet another band. For the life of me, I can't remember the band's name, but Andy's a great drummer and that's good enough for me. They're playing at Long Wong's on Bluemound Road. And that's good enough for me too. Paul at Long Wong's runs a great Chinese (take that, Yi!) American Sports Bar, and we've had a party hosted and catered by him and I can't say enough good things about how it all went. So I'm happy to throw some cover money both Paul and Andy's way, even if it turns out I don't like the music. But I'll check it out anyway just because Andy wouldn't waste time on something that completely sucks. And did I mention that Paul makes a terrific egg roll? Again, take that, Yi.

(I'm really resisting discussing Yi and the Bucks and his and his agent's backpedaling and making excuses and all that crap. But I can't help it. Fine. Go back to the CBA and play there. We have plenty of Asian hoops fans here, and, and, and, Get Over Yourself! You weren't the top draft pick. Who do you think you are, Smitty Werbenmanjensen? He was number one!. You are number six! That's right, if we'd gotten the top draft pick like we deserved to with our crap year, do you think we would have picked you?!?!? Please. Now quit all this "I want a city with a large Asian population" like we've only got three Chinese guys in the whole state, and only a Wong's Wok for a restaurant, get your ass over to Long Wong's, and have Paul whip you up some of his terrific Singapore Noodles while you wait for the ink on your green card to dry. Oh, and don't forget that nobody in the NBA respects an unproven prima donna.)

Whew. That was cathartic.

OK, after a set with Bobby whoever Andy is playing with, I've got to race home because I think the Harry Potter release is Friday night at midnight as well, and now I've got a kid who's into it. Off to Schwartz' we will go. I love that I'm raising this kind of kid. We're going to camp in line for a book. The first time I ever
camped in line for anything was for Rolling Stones tickets.

Saurday, according to everybody in town, the place to be is the Mad Planet for the Barrettes, an all girl group with cellos in the lineup and rollergirls in the lineage. Also on the bill is a band called Big Fun. Do you suppose they're named for the band in that black comedy "Heathers". You know, the one that Martha Dumptruck sports a t-shirt for?


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