Coming up on a Tri

OK, you're expecting me to tell you what bands to go see, right?

Well, not this weekend. Yes, if you're in town, go see my husband Brian play with Dr. Chow on Saturday night, at the Port of Hamburg, as Frank and the boys wish Frank's sweetie Amber (Miss Laid, remember?) a happy 33rd birthday. (Apparently, I missed being part of another Prom Queen sighting -- the PQs were invited at the last minute to appear in the Bay View 4th of July parade, but I was too tired, strung out, and recovering from Lecherous Leech Lake to make it. I'm told the moment to remember was when Linda, Miss Spent Youth, was approached by little girls who squealed, "Cinderella! We have all your movies!")

ANYway, Friday night I might check in with some Karaoke at Marlavous Marla's at the Bavarian Inn (who I'm told turned in a delightful performance last Sunday at noon at Summerfest as Ronnie Spector), but I'm resting up. Me and my work friend Jennifer are loading up the car and heading to Kenosha Saturday to check in to the Danskin Triathlon. This is her third, my first. She's been a peach about walking me through this, right up to the advice of starting to try various brands of carbo gels for the race in advance ("find one that doesn't make you throw up") and I've settled between Clif Orange Cream and Gu Lemon-Lime.

Sunday is the race. Quarter mile swim (in a leech-less lake, I know this because they wouldn't get 5,000 women in it if there were lecherous leeches in it), 12.5 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. Wish me luck. Then, on Monday morning, a massage and facial: as I've said here before, a girl's gotta chill, you know.


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