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Lots of great upcoming stuff this week and weekend, and because this is MY BLOG, I'm going to start with MY STUFF first, because as great as the arts and entertainment calendar is, I have my own fish to fry this week. Have I plugged my own stuff enough yet? Because I'm about to begin an exercise in Meta-Poly-Promotion, a term I just coined when I was thinking about promoting myself promoting myself and others promoting themselves and myself. Sooooooo...

OK, time to plug other things to see and hear this week:
  • Tonight (Tuesday April 17), go hear, among other people, my writer friend Susan Maciolek read from her writing at Redbird Studio this evening. Redbird is an amazing writer's resource and workshop that has produced some great writers (or more accurately, simply opened up the world to some great writers). A selection of current workshop participants will be reading from their work this evening, Maciolek is one of them. She says she's honored to be chosen, but frankly, I'm not surprised. Last time I saw her work, it was in conjunction with an art project she participated in. The theme was "Elvis" and her contribution was a collage of articles and images related to two young girls who were fans of the King. They were on their way to see him back in the early Elvis years, when they were abducted and killed. The story was all but forgotten but not by Maciolek, who researched historical records and old newspaper archives, and put together a short essay and imagery collage which I daresay was the most arresting work at this particular "Elvis" show. This is a woman who understands the value of researching detail. I'm looking forward to her reading. They begin at 6 pm -- snacks and drinks will be served.
  • Thursday night, after I'm done basking in the glory of my re-visit to a radio station, I'm going to be working with my colleagues to ready our show for Gallery Night. Afterwards, I'm going to need to head out and see a band to clear my head. But which band? Do I relax with the always wonderful caberet of Eat The Mystery at Linneman's, or do I rev up for the big night with an evening of folk punk with Chicago's The Tossers, Milwaukee's The Avoided and the Mighty Lumberhorn at the Mad Planet? I think my level of hyperness or exhaustion will make that call.
  • Friday, besides our show at Bucketworks (have I plugged this enough?!?!?) there's plenty of wonderful stuff on Gallery Night I totally recommend: Try the COPA (Coalition of Photographic Arts -- greal local photoarts group, my Cream City Photogs colleague Monica Gerds is exhibiting there too!) at the P&H Dye House, 320 E. Buffalo Street (2nd Floor). I'm going to drop in there myself. I'll check MKE Magazine and the Journal Sentinel and trust their picks. Maybe we'll be one of them!
  • When you're done with high art on Friday, go see a pair of cover/tribute bands! My drummer in Loblolly, lifelong Keith Moon fan Andy Pagel plays with "Substitute" -- a Who tribute band. They're sharing a bill at Club Garibaldi in Bay Viewwith "Shattered" (a Rolling Stones tribute band, of course) and calling it, (what else) the Rock and Roll Circus.
  • Saturday? Another packed musical schedule in Riverwest. My picks? The Chop Top Toronados at Linneman's, and the always wonderful Dr. Chow's Love Medicine at the Pub.

Sunday? Oh dear God. I think I'll just go for a long bike ride.


Julie B said…
Vron, a great show! I was really impressed by your offering, a great mix of new and older work, all in the same theme. You stepped outside the box of what you are used to showing, and I feel that it was brave and really worked for this event. So, to keep in step with your theme: as an audience member....great applause.
Julie B

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