More Shameless Self Promotion: Elwood, we're getting the band back together!

Loblolly at the Circle A
Originally uploaded by V'ron.
This is it. Just like it says in my "about" blurb, I got myself some fresh callouses, I had to re-learn all my songs, I had to learn all of Miles' songs, I dropped a few pounds, Miles grew this atrocious beard, Andy is squeezing us in between all his other projects, and [deep breath] I'm strapping it on and playing.

I know, with some of the harsh criticism i've given to bands here on these electronic pages, I'm really setting myself up for a tough audience. Guess I love a challenge, eh?

Somebody needs to show up with a camera. I can't be doing self-portraits all night can I? Especially since it's at the Circle A, where I already did a self there.


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