Bucks: I still believe in 'em, just like T-Shirt Guy

Well, at least the Bucks ended the season with a Royale-With-Cheese worthy win, easily knocking off the Atlanta Hawks, another team with a crappy record that really should have been better. And if there's anything you can say about the whole Bucks organization, they sure do enough to make sure you have a good time at the game. It was fan appreciation night, and as my headline reads, with their record the past four months should be referred to as Fan Appreciation Season. Really, only my experience as a Cubs fan got me through this season, always looking for a silver lining, savoring any little glimmer of hope or win I could find. At least we got drama: whisperings about the relationship of Terry "The White Shadow" Stotts to players like Andrew Bogut, wondering how much of a hand Kystrowiak forced to get the head coach job. Injuries injuries, injuries. Oy.

The whole season, in retrospect, seemed to not have any kind of direction: they never seemed to have a clear roadmap to get where they were going. Even the promos were odd -- from the opening montage that never seemed to have a kick to it, to giving away $1,500 coupons toward the purchase of a new boat. At least Bango came through. He really is an amazing mascot. I'm surprised he wasn't seriously injured. They showed a montage of his finest moments last night and it brought back the memory of the time he sledded down the stairs all the way from the top of the section directly across from us. "Don't get any bright ideas," I told Stella. "Don't worry mom," Stella replied in the same horror.

T-Shirt Guy, of course, was there , and as a Bucks Season subscriber, he was clearly taking advantage of the pair of upgraded seats you get as part of the package. Rather than being behind the basket, he was seated this evening pretty much behind the Bucks' bench. T-Shirt Guy basically wears a different T-Shirt every game, with some positive message for the Bucks Players and fans. It's sort of like seeing what Bart's going to write on the chalkboard at the beginning of the Simpsons: Hey what's T-Shirt Guy going to have on his chest tonight? He even knows he's T-Shirt Guy, and his shirt tonight (which I didn't get as clear a picture of as I would have liked) read: "T-Shirt Guy Says Don't Let Mo, Reuben or Charlie go. Hope he's back next year, because he's hit my sentiments exactly. Being the Cubs fan that I am, I'm with T-Shirt guy: I still believe in 'em. Not quite sure what it is I believe about them, but there's a reason I keep coming back. Maybe next year I'll figure out exactly what it is.


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