DJing my way out of watching a Bucks loss

Well, I'm sure glad I had this DJ gig to do tonight so that i would have a perfectly good reason for leaving the Bucks game early:I'm just worn out and tired of watching them lose a game they should've won, without even going into overtime. Charlie Bell finally got off his no shot streak; I never thought I'd be glad to hear "Ring My Bell" so many times. I was actually pining to hear "Ring My Bell."

The game started out wonderfully and innocently enough: The Midwest Vocal Chorus brought the anthem wonderfully, as they usually do. By the end of the first quarter, they're actually up by 12. But even the fans behind us know a foreboding gloom. One of them has a theory about the Bucks of late: they're coming out like gangbusters to show us they can play, and then they blow it so that they'll get the first draft pick. Interesting theory, but having the crappiest record just gives you a better shot at having a good draft pick. No guarantees. And on top of that, the Bucks don't need "fresh young talent." They have plenty of fresh young talent. They need some more experience. And maybe a touch of style on the court, like New York's Renaldo Balkman. You can say a lot about him, but you can't deny he has style, the way he weaves in and out of pockets, or a little flourish as he tosses off a rebound.

At least the sideshow stuff was fun. Cute video of Bango frustratingly playing golf: the bed music of "Theme From Benny Hill" should give you an idea of the flavor of that little schtick. But I had a job to do and I needed to leave to do it.

Tiki bar light at the Foundation
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And that job was DJing with Darrell "The Brains" Martin at the Foundation, a lovely little bar in Riverwest that has a tiki theme and, to our delight, a clientele who likes all sorts of music, and I like to think we delivered. Darrell and I traded off sets, so I didn't write down everything he played, but here's my sets:

Set 1:
Baby's On Fire/Eno
Kasmir/ EZ Pour Spout
She Loves Strangers/David Johansen
About the Weather/Magazine
Flowers/The Psychedlic Furs
Hospital Food/Eels
Down On The Farm/Tom Verlaine
Insanely Jealous/The Soft Boys
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts/X

Set 2:
Opera Star/Neil Young
So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star/Patti Smith
No. 13 Baby/The Pixies
Leaky Tunnel/The Fiery Furnaces
Beck's Bolero/Jeff Beck Group
High on Life/Rasputina
We Live As We Dream, Alone/Gang of Four
Randy Souse Git/The Monkees
The In Crowd/Bryan Ferry
Threshold Apprehension/Frank Black
People Who Died/Jim Carroll Band
Preach The Blues/The Gun Club
Everybody's Happy Nowadays/Buzzcocks

Set 3:
Theme From The Vindicators/The Fleshtones
Left in the Dark/The Vertebrats
Don't you Just Know It/The Fendermen
Brand New Cadillac/Big Daddy Sun and the Outer Planets
Space Invaders/The Pretenders
Harlem Nocturne/Danny Gatton
Slaughter on 10th Avenue/Mick Ronson

So many faces in the crowd, I can't list them all here, but suffice to say a bunch of people I know and love showed up and that made the Easter Vigil all the more lovely. (What's the Easter Vigil without Anthrax and the Gang of Four, eh?) Especially since it's too darn cold to do my annual Easter Sunday bike ride. It's even too cold for the daffodils. I hope my tulips survive this cold snap.


czeltic girl said…
Excellent choices on the Gang of Four and Buzzcocks songs. Those are two of my favorites. (*wanders off to crank up the iTunes*)

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