Shamless Self Promotion

Cream City Photogs
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Well, this is it. This is the photo show that I'm doing on Gallery Night. Myself and 7 other local emerging photographers are literally throwing our work up on a wall to see what happens.

Find out more about us here. My "theme" for the evening will be The Audience. You've seen enough of my work on the people on the stage. I turned the camera around for this one. With one or two exceptions, this will be work I have not shown before, ANYWHERE. Not even online in my Flickr stream. It's not even in my "portfolio" at the Cream City Photogs site. Why not? Well, for one thing, most of it is good old silver gelatin prints, and I haven't gotten around to scanning them in to load them up for a digital audience. But more importantly, well, i figure, if you can see it online, you might just skip the big art opening, despite there being free food and drink. I know, that's a sin in Milwaukee, passing up free drink, but, it might be too convenient. No, if you want to see this stuff, you're just going to have to show up. I promise, its not like anything I've got on line.... yet.

My colleagues have amazing, amazing work you need to see too. Be there. Gallery Night, April 20 at Bucketworks.


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