Made it through Gallery Night under $100 ...

So, its been awhile since I've gotten out for a Gallery Night. I just didn't feel like dragging the kids around in the winter, but this year, Brian's noticed that an old friend of his from 'Tosa, Todd Graveline, has a showing at the M-80 Gallery, which is what Luckystar is morphing into now that the Luckystar folks are moving to Chicago. Graveline has some fun stuff, its right up our alley and if we weren't on the thin side of the month, we would probably have laid down some cash for one of his pieces. We ended up getting a Bridget/Gene Evans thing (since they're moving) of Sid Vicious and Sinatra mug shots, captioned "My Way" for $40. It was either that or the Elvis Presley toilet seat, but we'd actually use it as a toilet seat. We've always liked their work, but always assumed they and their affordable art would always be around. So we grabbed a small piece, and we already have a spot picked out.

Since we were next door, we checked out what Elaine Erickseon Gallery had and we're glad we did. A surrealist by the name of Erica Spitzer Rasmussen had wonderful sculuptures, waaaaayyy out of our price range, but I'm glad I saw them. A bustier with matchsticks poking out of it all around, beautifully done, got my attention. Very neat stuff, all around.

Although not on the official tour, we popped into the basement of Rubin's furniture and checked out a show of their employee's artwork, and its good. Photographer by the name of Sarah (forgot to write down her last name) is really nice. Again, no money for this, but made a mental note of it.

Gallery Night is always nice to hit, but you can only really do about 3-4 galleries tops with a toddler, and driving around just doesn't cut it. So we reluctantly had to skip the latest Francis Ford show at Kmart, partly because we had a crankly little kid on us, but also because going there is hazardous to our wallet. The first time we ever spent more than a token card we spent it at KM Art. And the second, as well. You get a receipt that says "Thank You for Shopping at KM Art." Kent always has stuff there we want to buy. And he's staying put in Milwaukee. Ford is too. And so are we.


Milwaukee Girl said…
Next time your out and about at gallery night - stop at C2, there's always some food & drinks for free :)
V'ron said…
Will do! Thanks for the tip!

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