Bucks season: too darn short

Ah, our last Bucks game last night, and a satisfying one at that. By now, we've all heard about TJ Ford's great steal in the last few seconds, followed by the foul, followed by the game-sealing successful free throws. That's really how the whole game felt. It was a good, exciting game all around, very satisfying. I have to admit I hate blowouts. You're like, OK, whatever, we're winning, hey I wonder who got kicked off American Idol tonight? I'd rather be on the edge of my seat right up until the end, which is how this game went. It reminded me of good old fashioned high school games, fans yelling, leads changing, the whole bit. This is why people who love basketball love basketball. I'm not ready for the season to be over yet, but it is for me, as we have no more tickets. They should really make the playoffs, but I saw too many games this season that explain exactly why that's still in question. Tood darn short.

Speaking of American Idol, tonight's anthem was delivered by one of a bazillion local American Idol ripoffs, the winner of "The Rockstar Project." His name was Terry DeWitt, and hopefully he'll get more experience performing in front of giant crowds soon enough, because he started out flat on key words like "proudly" "gleaming" and "o'er the ramparts". I think he even forgot a few words. "Rockets Red Glare" was a little iffy, but that's also about when he found his voice -- which turned out to be a combination of Elvis' vibrato and classic heavy metal, in the style of Ronnie James Dio or any of those British Metal bands, very Cold Blue Steel. It’s the kind of voice that really soars on "Laaaand of the Free" and for a moment there, brought to mind the city's best Elvis impersonator, Tom Green. Total reworthification from a very weak beginning. Still, this was the winner of "The Rockstar Project"? I think Milwaukee needs to stick with the great underground stuff it's produced and try to figure out how to duplicate the success of, say, the Violent Femmes.

I've never mentioned this before, but there's one promo they do for the Valvoline Instant Oil change during a timeout. Two contestants have to 1) dress up in NASCAR-style racing jumpsuits 2) ride tricycles across court 3) shoot a layup 4) get back on the tricycles and race back court. The winner gets an oil change. An OIL CHANGE? A $29.95 Oil Change?!?! No, dude, if I'm going to humiliate myself by doing all that crap, I want -- minimum -- round trip airfare to Tampa/St.Pete.

Energee Girls do a routine to some song that couldn't decide what it was: lots of tempo changes, some rap, some hip hop, and the sound system at the Bradley Center is so bass-dependent that if there was a melody, I couldn't pick it out. The routine was great -- it was like an advanced aerobics class, and they kept up with it, but I think that's the Energee Girls' problem, whoever's designing their bits needs to listen to some better tunes. They did a routine later to the Black Eyed Peas' "Pump It" (which is really Dick Dale's Miserlou with lyrics), but in my quest to find out what the Black Eyed Peas were all about, I downloaded the iTunes exclusive mix, which is inifnitely preferable to the "hit" version. They actually *sing* on it, and Fergie and Will.I.Am can *sing*, though you'd never know it from the "hit" version. Energee should have used that, it would have really completed the package nicely, with Fergie's voice mixed up, you'd have this general powerful girl cheer thing going. So that's my final verdict on Energee for the season: get some better music. You have all the other pieces down great.

Junior Energee All Stars come out and do a pretty good thing to "Whoop There It Is." Are there no songs besides Whoop There It Is to do cheerleading/drill team routines to, though? Is Whoop There It Is even a song. Until I got these Bucks half seasons tickets, I don't think I'd heard "Whoop There It Is" maybe three times in my life, (not including those commercials for those chocolates shaped like a pringles thing). Now I can't get that damn chant out of my head.

For one of the timeouts they had these guys come out -- I didn't catch their name but it sounded like "The Super Flys" and the best way to describe them would be "Irish Break Dancing." Really. First they start out doing amazing regular old-school break dancing (including one of them spinning on his head like he were a figure skater upside down) and that was incredible in and of itself. But then they start throwing in these Michael Flatley flourishes and we were in awe and we wanted more. Sometimes a timeout is just too darn short. Just like this season. Too darn short.


Anonymous said…
sorry even bob seger sounds horrible singing on the sound systems at those games.....i think you could have been a little less critical sounds like you had something to prove
grand rapids mi.

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