Gardening Zone 4 Update: Daffodils

OK,technically, I'm in Gardening Zone 5, but I'm close enough to the lake that I'll err on the side of coldness, and go with Zone 4 when buying stuff. However, I've never seen a plant/bulb that survives in zone 5 but not zone 4, and whoa, I'm going on a tangent here, let's get to the point:

My first clump of daffodils bloomed yesterday!

Now, these are old daffodils, in fact, I'd better dig them up at the end of the summer and divide them because they're getting small, and the new ones I planted this fall should be good and big, but nonetheless, the daffodils are up! That makes sense because yesterday was warm enough to go bike riding. ITs rainy and crappy today, but April showers do bring May flowers.

My last Bucks game of the season is tonight. Taking Stella, because our babysitter fell through. Sitter just remembered that tonight is Passover and "That's one of the biggest holidays in the Jewish calendar." Oh, I may be a goy, but I knew that was important! I just always thought it started on a Friday, to make it all easy for all of us to get the same days off work. Technically, we all ought to be celebrating Passover, because Jesus himself didn't even blow it off. At least they're running the Charlton Heston version of The Ten Commandments this Saturday night. Its going to conflict with Easter Vigil Mass at the Cathedral. Oh, what to do?!?!? Moses, Moses, Moses!


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