A Win I've been waiting for

Oh, I'll gush about Barack later. I've been gushing about this win for a few days now, and I've only just emerged from a couple of late nights in a row, only to finally admit I've come down with my semi-annual sinus infection....
...... But how about those Milwaukee Bucks! Last night's game against the Washington Wizards was almost allegorical: like Barack's campaign, they started out strong, then had some setbacks, and for awhile we were worried, almost fearful that they wouldn't pull this off after all. But they never gave up, and had a final surge toward the end, that they convincingly won in overtime. At halftime, we got treated to Chicago's wonderful Jesse White tumblers. Brian and I hit the season opener last Saturday -- and I'll have plenty of games to discuss the new promotions, the new uniforms on the Energee Girls, Bango's new schtick, and my disappointment that the Free quarter Pounder with Cheese promotion is gone. Now, all you get if the Bucks win and they score over 100 points is a cup of coffee. That's a sucky economy.

Ah election night! Spent it with friends at the Gettelman mansion, crowded around TVs and computers (Twitter was the best source of news because you got almost instant reports flying across the screen from the networks). I was actually surprised as a cheesehead, that they called Wisconsin at 8:00:01, and even more surprised that the entire thing was called right at 10 Central time. Really, I was prepared for them to call California then, but not the whole thing. Good thing too, as Stella had school the next day.

And so I'm going to savor this win while downing antihistamines and nursing a fever, and have to miss the premiere of Song Sung Blue, the story of Lightning and Thunder, at the Oriental Theatre, followed by a post party with Thunder, Mark Shurilla, Dave Alswager and the Greatest Hits. Last night, Sammy was sick, so he and Brian missed a post-election dry-out hosted by the Mighty Lumberhorn at the Transfer Cafe.

At least Saturday night (after a fair loss, not an annoying one), I spent the Day of the Dead at one of Warwick's rare openings of the Circle A, which really was the best place to be, if only because I saw the BEST Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone ever (inside those costumes were Eat the Mystery's Angie and Courtney, never once breaking character...). Best of all, Ted Jorin and his posse arrived, including Ted's lovely wife Christa -- who was dressed and had her hair coincedentally looking just like Saffy. We had to explain to her that looking like Saffy was a major compliment -- and we all know she's a lot more fun than Saffron Monsoon. Ted slipped me a burn of the Lumberhorn's "soon" to be released CD -- and it sounds great. Re works of a few earlier songs, and plenty of irreverant bluegrass. Supposedly they're at the pressing plant now. I'll believe it when I see a disc with actual cover art.

It was also a good time to touch base with Darrell "Da Brainz" Martin, who was mourning his canine companion of 15 years, Stacy. Darrell had to put him down Friday and we're all brokenhearted -- Stacy's been part of the family for awhile. Heck, Stacy had even appeared at Trash Fest (and no, he was not harmed during the performance.)

So again, I'm grabbing a box of kleenex, turning on the humidifier, and finally admitting to myself that I'm sick. Good night.


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