FZ in a Skirt

FZ in a Skirt
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Frank Chandik and Tim O'Keefe's birthday was a great percursor to the Annual Zappathing that's happening this upcoming weekend. Like last year, Skirt's Jessica, with her Judy Garlandesque voice delivered the FZ like people never heard before. It's a voice I only get to hear on FZ night, and I told her as such. At least she knows this -- and has put together a band I hope to see out soon called Dynah Flo and the Roadmasters -- and it will feature her sweetie Chris "The Colonel" on guitar, and between the two of them, they could take the city by storm. I'd heard Skirt do "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee", but it's always a treat to watch a crowd react to that, as the gentlemen beside me mused, "Boy, I can't say I've ever walked into a bar and ever heard that song being done by the band.... and by a chick." Actually, that's what really made Skirt special. It wasn't just that Jessica bothered to learn the songs -- she knew them. She's an FZ fan and sang those songs with the knowledge and authenticity that only a fan could deliver. I'm not a huge FZ fan myself -- but like a few other people around me who agreed -- I respect the guy, like his music, and am amazed by people who can pull it off.

F'rinstance, like Dr Chow's Love Medicine, who followed, with equally precise versions of everything from Willie the Pimp to Harder than Your Husband, and of course, Dirty Love (which is in the standard Dr Chow set anyway.) I've gushed about this before, and you, dear reader, are probably tired of my writing about this band my DH plays in, but damn, they were good. Especially with special guest starts Daves Boyland and Cuzma in the horn section. The horns added a touch of class to balance out the raunchier FZ lyrics. Later, Frank (C, that is), came back for a second set of standard Chow tunes, and when it was over, we all went home and crashed from a satisfying night.

Part of that satisfaction came from the Milwaukee Bucks, who lost, but they lost admirably. Earlier in the game, they shot ahead of the world champion Celtics, who didn't get any points on the board until 3 miutes in. I knew that wouldn't last, and I was right. Despite a weak anthem from the Wausau High School Band: they were OK in a standard Hal Leonard arrangement until they hit "rocket's red glare" and the trombones just died. They went kaput. It was the worst case of going out of tune I'd ever heard. I felt sorry for them. And it was kind of the way the game went. By halftime, the Bucks seem to have died but unlike this trombone section, they got it back somehow. We had to leave (to catch the gig), but listened to the game on the radio, and heard them go into overtime. But since the band was playing at O'Keefe's, not even a silent TV was on, and I had to "watch" the game via refreshing a text update on my smartphone. Ugh. The Bratwurst covered the overtime decisions well in his blog and I'll leave it at that, since I wasn't there for overtime to give a firsthand account.

STFU Already
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The really bad part of the game wasn't the fact that they lost. I wasn't even expecting this to be a game. I am a believer now -- the Bucks made it a game and nearly beat an already hyped up and ticked off Celtic team that had already lost on the road this week. No, it was this loudmouthed, obnoxious, foul-mouthed chick that say a good five rows behind us but sounded like she was directly behind us. You know how every now and then you go to a game and there's some blowhard fan of the opposing team that's cheering them on loudly, but then at least he knows you're getting tired of it and finally shuts up? Well, make that guy a loudmouthed woman with a really grating voice, and give her the energy to keep it up the whole game. Throw in some foul language to offend the parents of the several school-aged children who were in our section, but also an intimidation factor that kept any of us from formally complaining to management. Even when Bango the Mascot came around to shake hands, we all asked him to do something about that beyotch, but she happened to get out getting a soda or something at the time. It wasn't just friendly rivalry. She was annoying, obnoxious, and ruined a lot of the game for a lot of us. We didn't pay $50 a seat to have this grating voice shouting in our ear every time the Celtics scored. So, since we felt helpless at the game, the only thing I can do is publicly humiliate her through this blog. You ruined this game for all of us, lady. Not the Bucks. Not even the Celtics. YOU did. Now go away. Please.

Finally, as promised, Czeltic Girl reports in on that Deerlick/Midget Wrestling Show that I'm now glad I missed. As she points out in her blog, it was Dave Deerlick himself who said afterwards, "I just know I'm gonna have nightmares." I love a good trashy exploitation show more than anything (and so does Czeltic Girl) but if she's having difficulty getting this one out of her head, I know it probably less enjoyable than just profoundly sad. Maybe Loudmouthed Celtic fan could help clear out the bad memories. I know she cleared out the good ones, that's for sure.


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