I don't understand

Well, there you have it. There were demonstrations in all 50 states last Saturday at 12:30 Central time, all coming together to say "enough is enough." Proposition 8 was the last straw. And I'm proud to have been at Milwaukee's City Hall to support this community. Hopefully this is the beginning of turning things around.

I can't put my finger on why this issue hits me so deeply. I'm not gay. I have some gay friends, but I have friends who are affected on a lot of the issues I support. Maybe I think this one just cuts so closely because people are denied basic civil rights based on who they love. It's like the ultimate government intrusion -- now you have to love the correct person and be approved for you to enjoy the same rights as others. So, as you may know, I rarely get political in this blog, but this is one issue I can't shut up about.

OK, as you were.


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