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Sarcasm on State Street
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I wrote this last year, but nobody really cares how the Bucks are playing these days because the Tournament is going on, and since they are pretty much stinking up the Bradley Center, we should be scouting the college talent for the great draft pick we should have a good chance at getting. Brian and I have the Badgers going to the Final Four in our pool, and we're pragmatic March Madness pool divers, so that should tell you something.

Lots of "should" here tonight, I have to admit. As in, the Bucks should have won last night. They went into the 4th quarter up by something like 15 and I went to go take a whiz, and when I got back, they're down by 10. What the hey? We left. We couldn't take it any more. We get in the car and we're listening and they've caught back up, to be down by only 6, but it's less than a minute to go and, and, and, well, you know the story. At least we can have a sense of humor about this. These people pictured on State Street certainly do.

But this is all starting to annoy me. The night started off innocuous enough. A rather madrigal version of the anthem was delivered by the Waukesha West High School Choir -- very complex arrangement that they pulled off, while retaining the drinking song roots of the song. At halftime, they re-dedicated Brian Winters' retired number and that was nice to see him, silver fox that he's become, back in Milwaukee, along with pictures of him playing in the old days.

Then I turn around and there's Andrew Bogus, looking sharp enough in a sportscoat and hair grown out to a flattering cut (for once), but, what's this? Jeans on the court? I guess NBA Dress Code is getting relaxed. But they need to bring it back. Maybe not outlaw the jeans so much as put a pox on just plain old fashion faux pas. White loafers. With a matching white belt. That's pretty darn heinous, and don't be counting the days till the Indy 500, because those white loafers will continue to be heinous even after Memorial Day. How many times have I told him to have a few words with his stylis>. A few choice words. Jesus.

Yes, I'm talking about all this crap because I just can't bear to talk about a game they should have won against a team with an even worse record than them. Cannning Larry Harris at least is a message that finally, finally, somebody is realizing that some kind of change has to happen, but I'm waiting to comment until I see what the alternative is. I've seen "change" before at the Bradley Center, same as it ever was.

Boy, I'm really a bummer tonight? I'd better stop now. Easter's coming up, I've already broken in my bike so I'll be ready for my annual shakedown cruise, and the kids are off Friday and I have a half day of work. At least I have something to look forward to.


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