Get Yr Irish On

So Stella and I are in the car, listening to the Boogie Bang on WMSE last weekend, and they were talking about current and upcoming events, and the pointed out one religious-based event where one could "get their church on." We couldn't stop laughing at the concept of gettin' one's church on: "Yo! Shout Out to God! Cos Jay-Z the C, You the >Man!"

It's just as incongrous as me, a polish-slovak eastern european mutt dealing with this whole St Patrick's Day weekend thang. So, in the spirit of my homies at the Boogie Bang, I hereby present you with a list of ways you can Get Your Irish On that features bands with people in them I know. There's no way this list is at all complete, and for those of you polacks like me, you'll note that not all have a completely Irish theme:

Start Thursday night with McTavish and the Steel Bonnets. My bass player Miles is in both of them, but he doesn't play bass in either. He plays guitar and mandolin in both, and McTavish is the reason i even know the guy. Plus, he has the most Irish-sounding name out of the bunch (Miles' real name, his Christian name, whoops, his Catholic saint's name is Danny C Mullen) so there. However, Dan Smars is part of the Steel Bonnets, and he's the sweetest sounding Jim Morrison impersonator I know.

Friday night: yeah, you could do McTavish again. Or you could go to the BBC and see some Rock. Chief is there, along with 1956 and some other band I honestly don't know a heckofalot about, but I trust the sensibilities of somebody who put Chief and 1956 together to bring in an appropriate third band. Regular readers know I'm one of Chief's biggest fans, and I'm a recent convert to the 1956 crew, so if i'm not exhausted, I'll be there.

Saturday night, there's a benfit for the Riverwest Co-Op at Linnemans with Dr Chow's Love Medicine, and a couple of bands that have been on my "I really have to get out and see them" list -- the 357 String Band and Highlonesome. 357 String band, if they play, will be doing so with a handicap -- bass player Rich Ness apparently cut off the tip of his finger. Kinda makes it hard to play the bass, so we'll see how that comes out. Oh well, when that all heals Ness should remember that Jerry Garcia still made millions. If I wasn't there to cheer them on (as well as my DH), however, I'd be headin' over to County Clare for a sexy, sexy Saint Patrick's Weekend with the Five Card Studs. They tried this last year -- and County Clare canceled at the last minute for a more traditionally Irish act. This year, I think they're getting it right.

Sunday night is another chance -- after you get your church on of course, to catch McTavish -- this time at McBob's. Miles says that McBob's has the best corned beef in town. Well, those of us who like to take lunch at Jake's might argue, but I'll give Miles this, McBob's probably has the best corned beef made by Irishmen.

I have to work next week, and I still don't have the 10 years under my belt at The New Place to be able to stumble in hungover on Tuesday, so i won't be doing St Pat's day on the actual day itself. But if you have the need to put down a few more shots of Jameson's, Dr Chow will be at the House of Hamburg. I know that doesn't sound very Irish, but this is at O'Keefe's House of Hamburg, and that should be enough. You could get your Irish on first thing in the morning with Athas, which features sixthstation favorite Heather (from the Mighty Lumberhorn) on fiddle for "St Patrick's Breakfast" at the Trinity Irish Pub, especially if you want to be a purist about all this. And you can stay there until the evening, when you're all Irished out, and end the entire holiday with, once again, those ambassadors of leisurely entertainment, the Five Card Studs. Read that again: on St Patrick's Night, The Five Card Studs, at the Trinity Irish Pub. Maybe the Celts are starting to understand: after getting yr Irish on, maybe people just want to get it on, and that's what the Studs are all about.


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