Well at least the daffodils are coming up

this year's first daffodils
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I need to whine.

  • The Badgers suck. Not only did they lose to Davidson, they effed up my entire pool. I know that as an alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I should be used to crap like this, but still.

  • The Bucks suck. Stella and Brian went to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar bobblehead night last night, they re-dedicated Oscar's number at halftime, the place was crawling with hoops legends, STella was in the audience (they tend to win when she goes) and they still lost. I know that as a Cubs fan, I should be used to crap like this, but still.

  • My foot sucks. Get this. I'm coming out of the Y on Friday morning after a lackluster workout, and I drop something out of my gym bag, and it turns out to be a bent safety pin that goes through my boot and into the ball of my foot! So I was so busy all day Friday that I couldn't get to urgent care until Friday night. The foot's OK I guess, but I still went to urgent care because that's when I realized, "Hey, I haven't had a tetanus shot in years." I know it's probably nothing, but still.

  • This weather sucks. It's April and we're still getting snowSTORMS measured in inches. I know that as a pretty much lifelong resident of the upper midwest, I should be used to crap like this, but still.

  • The economy sucks. There's a pile of people in my life who are suddenly feeling the effects of it right now, and that pretty much diminishes the suckiness of everything else above. I see all these ads for elections by people who have absolutely no clue of the daily effects on regular people of all their stupidass trickle down theories and decisions, and I know we're in the middle of a "recession" or a "economic downturn" or whatever the hell Anderson Cooper wants to call it, but still.

On the bright side:
  • F/i is playing tonight, at the Circle A, with Darrell "Da Braiz" Martin spinning discs afterwards. Since this is a Circle A show, that means there's plenty of time to catch other great acts tonight as well. Guido's Racecar is at Puddler's Hall tonight, the Five Card Studs are at the Twisted Fork, Eat The Mystery is at the Cactus Club for ATLATL's EP release party, the Sleepers are at Club Lulu .. there is no shortage of good tunes.

  • The Milwaukee Ballet just released their program schedule for next year, and among other things (Sleeping Beauty and other nice stuff), Margo Sappington and her masterpiece, "Common People" is coming back! That's right! Ballet to the words of William Shatner and music of Ben Folds, as only can be performed in Milwaukee. I want to see this again and again and again. Last time around, the audience left all their preconceived notions at the door, and gave the Shat a deserved standing O, and I expect nothing less. I RAN to the Milwaukee Ballet ticket office to renew my season subscription upon hearing this news. Now, if Michael Pink can reprise Dracula in some upcoming season, my joy would be complete. In the meantime, next Friday, the winner of last year's Genesis Dance competition, Nelly von Bommell will be presenting her commissioned work at the Pabst, and Stella, myself, and Talia the Hip Babysitter will be in the audience.

  • Loblolly has a show with Floor Model on Saturday the 12th at Zad's, and this makes me happy.

  • The snow is clearing, I had a teriffic bike ride this morning, and hey, the daffodils (and tulips for that matter) are poking their way through the mulch and last fall's dead leaves. I can't remember when I've so looked forward to spring and summer.


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