Summer De-Wussification

summer de-wussification
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This is my first sunburn of the year. Yippie! I'm not into pain or anything like that, but there's something about that first real tingle of sunburn whose pain I welcome. Its like, OK, finally, winter's over! I've got a sunburn! Woo, that feels great!

I am a wuss in the winter. I stay in most of the time because of the cold (unless its prime sledding weather, which we did not get much of, to the kids' chagrin) and it takes a while to get de-wussified for the summer.

De-wussification takes a few steps:

  • Get that first nasty sunburn out of hte way and prime up your skin. Check.
  • Get caught in the rain on your bike. That happened in the cloudburst at 6:05 this morning. Check. (I look really great for work right now).
  • Have a feocious wipeout and skin your knees something ferocious. Check. (extra credit -- I blew out my ankle in the process).
  • Get summer haircut to avoid embarassing helmet head. Check.
  • Stock up on natural charcoal, really clean the grill off, for grilled food is pretty much my summer diet. Check.

Still to do:
Stock up on sunscreen, triple antibiotic, and H20. Get the bike tuned up, get new running shoes, get new water hiking shoes (my tevas are totally trashed). Tune up the GPS, start downloading geocaches. Begin to de-wussify the kids.

Sing along with the Breeders:
"Summer's ready! Summer is ready when you are."

Bring it on!


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