Loud Shirt Night: A Sixthstation Contest!

My first contest! Match the Loud Shirts to the Loud Men Wearin' Em!

Step 1: Look over the list below.

Step 2: Go to my Loud Shirt Night in Milwaukee Set in flickr, and, well, match the loud shirts to the names below of the stylin' men wearning them. (This isn't sexist. Women wear bold loud prints all the time. Even boring women do this.)

Step 3: Email me, with your guess. The first person to get them all right will receive high-quality 8x10 prints of three of his/her favorite loud shirts. If you're wrong, I'll email you back, but I won't tell you which ones are wrong. Look for hints elsewhere in my Flickr photostream.

Here's your list of loud shirt-wearin' men:

A) Dan Glaser
B) Brian Wensing
C) Paul "The Fly" Lawson
D) Paul "The Fly" Lawson's Fender Amplifier
E) Andy Aeros Kaiser
F) Bob Jorin
G) Ted Jorin
H) Ken Meyer
I) Frank Chandik
J) Don Turner
K) Jonny "Z" Ziegler
L) Don Nelson (not the former Milwaukee Bucks' coach)
M) Eric Knitter
N) Dan "Mylz" Mullen.

Bonus Tie-Breaker: Come up with a name for the love child of #15, the mating shirts.


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