A Day at the Ballpark...

Everywhere you go, there he is. Warren Wiegratz and his saxophone, pining to be the white man's Bleeding Gums Murphy. At least he didn't hotdog it as much as he usually does at the Bradley Center.

We're at Miller Park with the kids' school tailgate party, the ticket taker at the gate directs us up the wrong elevator so we have to walk three-quarters of the way around the place (with Sammy, The Pokey Little Puppy, in tow). We get all settled in and then it's time to rise for the national anthem, played, overplayed by Wiegratz. This is a wartime drinking song, Warren, not a Midwest Express Best Care in the Air Commercial.

"So," I ask around, "Tell me about the Brewers. I haven't followed a thing in baseball. What's up with them? Do they suck? Do they rock? Will this game be worth watching?" And the scuttlebutt is that the Brewers indeed rock this year. They prove it: by the second inning they're on the board, they've blown an attempted two base steal (some would say he should have just stuck with one stolen base; I say, no guts, no glory!). Pittsburg has a ferocious 7th inning and makes it a game, but an inning and a pair of pinch hitters later, the Brew crew has sealed it up. And so has Miller Park. Sunny, but chilly day, so the roof is closed. It's a nationally televised game, so of course, we're sitting right behind the fellas who have accepted that they'll never get their fifteen minutes, so if they could just have 15 seconds on FSN they can die happy, but to do so, they need to hold a big ol' sign right in my field of vision. Sammy is happy if he can just have some Dippin Dots, Stella is happy because she's hanging with her posse from school, Brian is happy because his fantasy league guys are kickin butt, and I'm happy because I have finally seen the Brewers win at Miller Park. Really. Every time I've gone there, they've lost. I was starting to think it was some chemical displacement between me and this new stadium -- I never saw the Brewers lose when I went in person to see them at ol County Stadium.

I went home and took a nap to rest up for Los Straightjackets.


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