The White Shadow: Cancelled!!!

This just in: Terry "The White Shadow" Stotts has been "relieved ... of his head coaching duties, General Manager Larry Harris announced," according to an email I just got from the Bucks.

March 14, 2007 - The Milwaukee Bucks today relieved Terry Stotts of his head coaching duties, General Manager Larry Harris announced. An interim head coach for the remainder of the 2006-07 season will be named prior to tomorrow night’s game vs. the San Antonio Spurs.
“Terry has done the best he could in a difficult situation, especially with all of our injuries,” said Harris. “I felt it was in the best interest of our organization to make the decision now and move forward, rather than wait until the end of the regular season. I want to thank Terry for his hard work and dedication to our team, and wish him well.”

Well, that explains a bunch. It explains Coach Reeves' wife finally losing it and telling off some hecklers Monday night. It explains Stotts not going off on the bender he should have after having to deal with Felix Unger's Dumber Brother's terrible calls. It explains all the bad juju. Maybe they were so busy dealing with termination papers (ask your friend in HR -- canning somebody is an administrative nightmare!) that explains why they forgot to book somebody to sing the anthem.

Here's the official press release in its entirety. If I wasn't so tired, I'd listen to sports talk tonight just to hear all the armchair pundits saying I Told You So. I'm gonna miss The White Shadow, but then again, maybe I just liked him because he did remind me of ol' Coach Reeves.

Oh well. I've got Bucks tickets for Saturday night, but let's face it. With The Tournament starting this weekend, nobody gives a crap about the NBA, least of all a team that should be at least playoff contenders. We'll all be watching The Tournament, scouting out the talent, because hey, at least with this crappy record, the Bucks have a good shot at some killer draft picks.


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