Bucks: Wearin' o' th' green

We have the Real Coach K
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Game two, with, as the fan pictured here puts it, "The REAL Coach K" on Saturday night. (Especially nice since Duke lost their first round game. I had Duke winning, but not going further -- I didn't want to have to pull for them, but conventional wisdom says one should always give Duke at least one win in the bracket -- but had I known I wouldn't have to cheer for them at all….). Anyway, there's a nice energy here. I think there might have been some tension between The White Shadow and certain members of the team, but of course, nobody is going to go on record to say anything. The Bucks take the court, in, as they promised, their dominant-green away uniforms, to celebrate the wearin' of the green. And the whole night is green-themed, from Bango the Buck wearing a kilt (well, its British Isles, anyway), to the Energee Girls in little green and white T-shirts, to the Trinity Irish Dancers at halftime. I'm not big, however, on the one green sock and one black sock (or was it a black brace over a white sock, nevertheless it looked STOOPID) look Andrew Bogut sported. But good tight game all the way through: for some reason I just kind of knew they were going to pull this off, despite not leading most of the game. We snacked on Heavenly Roasted Nuts and Brian enjoyed a Black and Tan before heading over to the Uptowner…..


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