Where I'd be this weekend if this nasty sinus infection I've got suddenly miraculously cleared up

Tonight (Friday) I'd be at Vnuk's to see the skapunk of the Invaders.

But tommorow (Saturday), I'd also be at Vnuk's, for the annual Spoof Fest. I'm particularly disappointed that I'm probably unwell enough to do this for several reasons.

Binky Tunny as Sebastian Bach and Skid Row. Period.

I've never gone to Spoof Fest, because for whatever reason, I had other commitments, etc. I've never missed a Trash Fest, but I just never made it around to Spoof Fest. There's a difference, subtle to be sure, but a difference. For one thing, lots of Trash Fest bands aren't kidding. This is the way they are all the time. Now and again, there's parody at Trash Fest, but it's sloppy parody, a sort of meta-parody, that actually apporoaches satire. Trash Fest parodies lean toward bands the perpetrators loathe, and their purpose at Trash Fest is to drive them into the dump where they belong. Every now and then, though, a parody comes through at Trash Fest that I can't tell whether it's parody, satire, or loving tribute. The Aimless Blades doing Neil Young's "Hurricaine" for their full alotted 20 minutes several years back comes to mind, as did lead singer Blaine Schultz's candid admission when I called him on it: "Probably a little of all three." Didn't even blink when I asked him, he 'fessed right up.

But from what I can tell of Spoof Fest, that's exactly what you get. A little parody, a little satire, and a LOT of genuine, albeit jokey, tribute. I've googled around, and I see that a lot of the acts that dressed up (to the nines, in many cases) as the objects of their spoof no-so-secretely are living vicariously through the spoof. As such, expect the accuracy that good parody demands. Expect the knowing self-consciousness that goes with satire. And expect the fun that a loving tribute delivers. Also on the bill: bands spoofing Cinderella and L7.

Metal bands, especially hair bands, seem to be a common target at Spoof Fest. That makes a lot of sense. Hair bands are ripe for parody, almost too ripe, they are the low-hanging fruit in the Orchard of Parody. At the same time, there's a lot of people who secretly loooooove hair metal. Spoofing it is a great way to indulge this guilty pleasure, while at the same time smirking all the way through: "Hey, I'm not really into this. I'm just spoofing it. See me smiling? I'm onto this shit." Oh yeah? Well, I'm onto you. 'Fess up. You love this shit. We in the audience do, too.


czeltic girl said…
Miz Christyl made it down to Spoofest. (I had hockey to deal with and so couldn't make it.) She reported it was a fine time. If only she'd remember to travel with her camera...

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