Random Thoughts, on this, the first day of the Milwaukee Journal's New Design

  • If I wanted to read a paper that looked like this, I would move to Indianapolis, because now it looks like the Indianapolis Star.

  • On second thought, strike that. With all due respect to Indianapolis, it's just a little too, too, protestant for me. Even the Catholics are Protestant there. Hell, even the Jews are Protestant. Oy. And the Indianapolis Star is a fine newspaper. And its a fine town. Great racetrack. But they don't have summerfest, and they buy their brats pre-cooked. No self-respecting Catholic cheesehead would consume a pre-cooked brat. Fie!

  • Actually, it's looking like USA Today. Does anybody actually really read USA Today? Or do movie ads just quote it? There's nothing of importance in USA Today that you can't get in your hometown paper. I might be wrong: USA Today readers, please weigh in on this. USA Today Readers? Anybody? Bueller?

  • Hey, maybe it might fit in the Journal Sentinel box more easily now, facilitating easy drop off where the customer wants it. You can totally change up your presses, totally redesign it with easy to read fonts, but you still can't get it in a box. (I know what you're saying: Give it a rest, V'ron.) But still. This not being able to put the newspaper in the box by our door thing got really old once winter temperatures finally kicked in.

  • I know this has nothing to do with the paper, but Brian and I went to see Lewis Black last Friday, and believe it or not, he was only political for about 25% of a 90 minute set during which I continually laughed, full-on belly laughs originating from the diaphragm. I've just been so busy this past weekend with family and friend stuff that I haven't had time to write about it. But he is such a breath of fresh air in a world full of people who have totally lost common sense. I just had to say THANK YOU publicly. Thank you for existing, Lewis Black. And then, thank you Dr. Chow's Love Medicine, for being the only band in town I could go see to follow that.

  • OK, back to my newspaper rant. The editorial page looks like the New York Times now. All they have to do is start referring to people by their courtesy articles, ("Mr. Dahmer was convicted of first degree murder" "Miss Figuroa said she served Mr. Norquist an apple between her legs") and they'll be all set.

OK, tickets to a Bucks game Friday. This should be interesting. Half the team's injured. I think this is a blessing in disguise. It's getting guys who normally don't get the NBA experience they need out on the floor. We'll see.


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