Its not too late for Awesome Christmas Cheer

As I still have Christmas cards to send out and a party to throw, I just had to spread one bit of Christmas Cheer.

As Stephanie from About the Girl points out, the link referenced in her post here is the most terrifically awesomest (Christmas) thing ever.

And you know how I hate that word "awesome." Its the most awesomely overused word ever. Most things that are described as "awesome" are usually only "excellent." Awesome means, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing things. Coalmine sulfer-emblazoned sunsets in West Virginia are awesome. Sightings of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a run-down grotto in the slums of Prague are awesome. Childbirth is awesome.

But I'm sorry, that pizza you had last night from Pepi's wasn't awesome. It was simply delicious. Tommy Lee Jones' performance as Dolittle Lynn in "Coal Miner's Daughter" was excellent, but it was not awesome. That Cher concert was fabulous, but it was not awesome. The fact that I could give you a lift home because I was going that way anyway and now you don't have to wait for the bus in the rain is not awesome. It is simply a fortunate coincedence.

But the thing Stephanie's post links to, yes, my jaw hit the floor when it loaded. Yes, I shook my head several times in shock and awe. It was indeed the awesomest thing I've seen all year. Granted, the year is only 17 days old, but it was still the most awesome thing I've seen yet. Merry Christmas, indeed!


Anonymous said…
oops i did it again, direct me to the nearest paper towels

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