New Year's Eve in London

Table edge at the Safehouse
Originally uploaded by V'ron.
Thanks much to Elaine Bergstrom, who turned me and my pals on to the sanest way to spend an New Year's Eve, still get a party in, and be safely home before all the amateur drinkers hit Water Street: the "New Year's Around The World" schtick at the SafeHouse. Perfect. After humiliating myself to get in (I haven't been to the Safehouse in years) I remembered the password and was granted entry, to the "we've all been there" clapping of the crowd who'd watched my bewildered attempts to get in.

Here's the thing: every hour they rein in the new year from around the world. I'd just missed Athens, at 4:00 Central Time, but still got treated to lovely greek hors'o'deurves. 5:00 was Paris and Rome, and that called for escargot-stuffed mushrooms, smashing puff pastry, and really cheesy italian crostini. Had one final toast to London, 6:00 Central time, bid adeiu to my pals, and went home to watch some of the Packer Game followed by a James Bond Marathon at home with Brian and the kiddos.

I saw in the paper this morning that a few other places (the Pettit Center being one of them) do an hourly ring-in, but the food at the Safehouse was the crowning touch, plus, its that bar atmosphere you miss by being an old fuddy-duddy like me and watching the year turn over with Dick Clark (and now, Ryan Seacrest.) Its still afternoon, but in the Safehouse, it might as well be midnight, as there are no windows. A few kids running around, having fun, too. Perfect. Next year I'll actually plan for this.


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