Spring is evident: I.Can.Not.Wait.

As I am still a photography luddite (or silver gelatin snob, to be honestly accurate), you're going to have to wait until my pictures come back from Snapfish, but trust me on this, spring is evident here in Gardening Zone 4! This past week, I've taken pictures of tulips and daffodils poking their way out of the ground, and the crocuses are going to bloom any day now.

Last fall I did something I've always wanted to do. I dug up my entire front lawn, tilled it, and then splurged and ordered some 150 tulips to plant in my postage stamp of a City of Milwaukee lot front yard. I Can.Not.Wait. until they bloom. I will post pictures. But for now, I'm just thrilled, seeing those little spears poking through the mulch. And I plant crocuses just because they come so early, they really do convince me that spring is coming.

My sounds of spring aren't here yet, but I'm keeping my ears open: The "tink" of people batting balls across the street at the baseball/softball diamond, the baby birds yelling about the sun coming up, the schluppppBOOMCRACK of the next door neighbor boy practicing his skateboard moves. Any day now I'll hear these. But its the "tink" of the ball meeting the bat that says "WINTER's OVER" to me.

Personally, I take a 20 mile shakedown cruise on my bike on Easter Sunday to celebrate the spring, no matter how cold it is on Easter. That's just the day I say "That's it. Time to ride."

But that's why I plant the crocuses. Because I can't wait for spring, and I'll take whatever evidence I can get that its coming. I.Can.Not.Wait.


*Belle* said…
You have a nice blog...I noticed some traffic from your site and thought I'd check it out.

Thanks for the link in your sidebar ;-)

I just may add you to my Cheddarsphere links...

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